Anyone can dance, even the moon.  3-year-old animation shows just that

the moon is there One of the most interesting satellites in the solar system. One of the features that makes it unique synchronous movementy, which consists in the fact that the rotation around its axis coincides with the rotation around the Earth, which means that it faces us on the same side throughout the year. This could be a bit of conspiracy theories, but there is no hidden force here that can position the Moon in this way.

Observing its disk, which has been steadily pointing at the same side of our planet for hundreds of thousands of years, it might seem that our natural satellite is not making any further movements. In the meantime, nothing could be more wrong. His disc dances literally every year, which Andrew McCurthy of Reddit photographed over the course of three years.

I’ve caught nearly every full moon in the past three years. – McCarthy Books In a post on Reddit I attached an incredible animation. It is a compilation of selected photos from last year. appear on them Vibrating motion of the natural satellite disk. Are these some tricks in lathe? not necessarily.

The observed oscillation of the moon is called libration and is a result of the moon’s not very circular orbit. – Andrew McCarthy wrote in a comment on Reddit. The rotation is due in part to the Moon’s orbit at an angle with the ecliptic, and also from the tilt of the Earth’s axis. To show exactly this effect, I had to capture every full moon. – added.

The astrophotographer captured every full moon from ArizonaEach time you wait for it to rise to the correct height. In this way, he wanted to avoid bad alignment, as well as possible distortions of our natural satellite image. From three years of shooting, he only chose one year of shots, because he used different telescopes throughout the project, which translated into a slightly different picture. A view of the moon in different pictures.

Photographing the moon all year round It is a challenge for the patient. It is almost impossible to do this in Polish conditions. This is due to the dynamically changing and unpredictable weather. It is uncertain whether the sky will be clear during each full moon. McCarthy Made Animation From ArizonaOvercast skies are a local holiday and most nights are clear.

calibration phenomenon It can also be recorded by creating Daily pictures of the moon. Combining these images into an animation will not only show the changing stages, but also The vibrating motion of the Earth’s natural satellite.

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