The new Indiana Jones turned out to be a financial disaster.  Disney lost millions

However, a well-known brand and a famous personality are not everything. Indiana Jones and the Artifact of Destiny turned into a financial disaster for Disney.

Harrison Ford is loved by millions of people around the world. The actor starred in many cult productions, but gained greater popularity thanks to the “Star Wars” series. (Han Solo) I'm Indiana Jones. Archaeologist Adventures was released in five installments, but the first three are the most popular. Disney decided to use the successful series and created the final part called “Indiana Jones and the Artifact of Fate.”

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The latest information indicates that the production did not meet Disney's assumptions. What's more, the company lost huge amounts of money because of the film. As Forbes noted, the new part of Indiana registered a loss of approximately PLN 134 million. dollar. All this was due to insufficient audience interest and a budget that consumed too much. According to Forbes, Disney spent up to PLN 387.2 million on the film. dollar (Nearly 80 million of that went into post-production.)

There's no denying that Disney hasn't been doing well lately. This is another production that achieved weaker results than the company had planned. Interestingly, the movie got really good reviews. The average rating from critics is 70%, and viewers rated the film even better – by up to 88%. (Rotten tomatoes). This is another example where good reviews don't mean good results.

In addition to Harrison Ford, we can also see Mads Mikkelsen and Antonio Banderas on screen. The cast did not encourage enough people to go to the movies. Indiana Jones and the Artifact of Destiny is currently available to watch on Disney Plus.

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