The miraculous healing of ¦widerski.  Scandal in the frame.  We know the circumstances of the Polish national team case

Arcadius Melik won’t play with it Sweden due to a thigh muscle rupture. The performance of Krzysztof Piątek, with an Achilles tendon injury, is subject to a big question mark. He also suffers from knee problems Robert Lewandowski. All this makes the next three days garbage As for the World Cup with Sweden, Adam Boksa is the only healthy striker in Czeslav Micniewicz’s squad. Meanwhile, Karol Schwedersky, who withdrew from the team at the last minute due to a muscle injury, was in the starting lineup for Charlotte’s MLS game. FC – FC Cincinnati. how did that happen?

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Long list of Michniewicz problems. We will watch him with a trembling heart.

Świderski is not in the team, but he plays in MLS. So the team decided

After Karol Schwedersky scored two goals for the first time for him Charlotte In a match won against New England Revolution (3:1), the Poles satisfied fans Soon covered information about the injury of the 25-year-old. That is why the striker did not come to the training camp.

Karol Schwedersky He was taken off the field in the second half of the match. Our diagnosis after testing is low-grade biceps compression in the thigh. The player will undergo rehabilitation, and his rest in the game will last from one to two weeks – read the official information received by PZPN from the doctors of the club Charlotte FC.

The latest news on Lewandowski. Staff spokesperson says frankly. “there is a problem”

Based on this, in addition to the fact that Świderski was not due to arrive in Poland until Tuesday afternoon, ruling out his performance in the match against Scotland, the national team decided that with four very good strikers in people. Robert Lewandowski, Arcadius Milik, Krzysztof Petek And Adam Buxa, the arrival of the former Jagiellonia Biaystok player doesn’t make much sense.

But as is often the case – if there is a chance something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Milik won’t play against Sweden, Piatek is fighting against time, so Ceslav Michenewicz Of the four forwards, two are left for the playoff, while Schwedersky plays in the NBA. Although it is difficult to judge whether his return to the game would be so quickly, if instead of undergoing treatment from physical therapists, the Charlotte FC striker had to go on a long and demanding journey from the USA to Poland. There was also no question of his arrival after Thursday’s clash with Scotland.

Meanwhile in the match MLS Charlotte – FC Cincinnati leads the hosts 1-0 since the sixth minute, and the goal was clearly scored by Karol Schwederski. Toy continuous.

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