slag.  One-sided meeting in Germany.  Trans MF Landshut Devils defeated Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz
Trans MF Landshut Devils ahead of their final main stage match were sure to meet their opponent on Sunday, Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawickz in the semi-finals. The hosts defeated the guests in a ratio of 64:25 before the playoff stage.

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Kai Huckenbeck in Trans MF Landshut Devils

WP SportoweFakty / Romulad Rubenis / Pictured: Kai Huckenbeck in Trans MF Landshut Devils colors

In the first game of both teams, Metalika Recycling Kolejarz defeated Rawicz Trans MF Landshut Devils 48:41. It will be a match to get to know Rawich’s strength, which they are likely to face in the semi-finals, the home team’s coach, Swowmir Kregum, said in a pre-match interview.

The hosts, who were clearly better after the first round (16:8), started the match well. In the first two races, the visitors could not threaten their rivals, only in the third the hosts were tamed by Damian Palinsky. In the fourth race, the hosts again advanced, but the fast cyclists of the visitors quickly coped with the young Marius Hillebrand.

After the break, the hosts increased their lead to eighteen points. All races won by the host riders, Norik Bloedorn, Kai Hockenbeck and Michael Hertel were undefeated and victorious in their races with a huge advantage over the visiting slag racers. Even the tactical reserve in the form of Casper Blodra, who took the last place, did not help.

In the next series, Rawicz’s team did not use tactical reserves, although the advantage of the hosts continued to grow. Only in the race that finished the third series of starts did the visitors lose no more points, as they tied because of the poor standing of Valentin Grubauer, who stayed on the first curve and could not fight for points.

After a break in the eleventh race, a strange situation occurred. The Rawicz runners missed the starting grid, so both were disqualified from the race. The hosts easily reached the finish line, which added to their advantage. In the following races, Damian Palinski had a lot of bad luck again, scoring his third consecutive foul. A dangerous situation occurred at the end of the series. Kacper Pludra, who was driving along the wide road, hit the rear wheel of Michael Hertel, causing them to fall onto the track where the ambulance appeared. The German appeared in the second round, which did not include the excluded rookie as a guest. No information was provided about his health on vision.

The hosts won the 14th race twice, and resigned Palinski had a disadvantage for the fourth time in a row. In the last round, Szymon Szlauderbach won only the second triple with Rawickz. For the first time Michael Hertel had to watch his opponent’s back, so only Kai Hockenbeck finished the match with full points.

The two teams will face each other in the semi-finals of the play-off.

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Demons via MF Landshut – 64 points
9. Kay Hockenbeck – 12 + 3 (2*, 3,2*, 3,2*)
10. Michael Hertel – 11 + 3 (3,2*, 3,2*, 1*)
11. Valentine Grubauer – 5 (3,1,0,1)
12. Dmitriy Berg – 12 (2,3,3,2,2)
13. Martin Smolensky – 12 + 2 (1*, 2*, 3, 3, 3)
14. Marius Hillebrand – 3 + 1 (2*, 0,1)
15th. Norik Blodoorn – 9 (3,3,3)

Kolejarz Rawicz Metal Recycling – 25 points
1. kenan roe – 2 (0,1,1,w, -)
2. Damian Palinsky – 3 (3, d, d, d, d)
3. Matthew Gilmore – 1 (1,0,0, -)
4. Shimon Zlauderbach – 8 + 1 (1*, 2, 2, w, 3)
5. Damien Droody – 3 + 1 (0,1,1*,1,0)
6. Casper Blaudra – 5 (1,2,0,2,w)
7. Olivier Boszkiewicz – 3 (0, -, 2,1)

Running after running:
1. (69,01) Grubauer, Hockenbeck, Gilmore, Rio – 5:1 – (5:1)
2. (69,48) Blodoorn, Hillebrand, Blodra, Buszkiewicz – 5:1 – (10:2)
3. (69,42) Palinsky, Berg, Smolensky, Druchd – 3: 3 – (13: 5)
4. (69,70) Hertel, Blodra, Zlauderbach, Hillebrand – 3:3 – (16:8)
5. (69.65) Berg, Zlauderbach, Grobauer, Gilmore – 4: 2 – (20:10)
6. (69.74) Bludorn, Smolensky, Rio, Palinski (D) – 5:1 – (25:11)
7. (69.62) Huckenbeck, Haertel, Dróżdż, Pludra – 5:1 – (30:12)
8. (69, 22) Smolensky, Zlauderbach, Hillebrand, Gilmore – 4:2 – (34:14)
9. (70.45) Hertel, Huckenbeck, Rew, Baliński (d) – 5:1 – (39:15)
10. (69,55) Berg, Blodra, Drudi, Grubauer – 3:3 – (42:18)
11. (69.87) Huckenbeck, Berge, Rew (w), Szlauderbach (w) – 5:0 – (47:18)
12. (70.02) Bloedorn, Buszkiewicz, Grobauer, Baliński (d) – 4: 2 – (51:20)
13. (70,20) Smolensky, Hertel, Drudi, Blodra (at) – 5:1 – (56:21)
14. (70.71) Smolensky, Huckenbeck, Buszkiewicz, Baliński (d) – 5:1 – (61:22)
15th. (70.50) Szlauderbach, Berge, Haertel, Dróżdż – 3:3 – (64:25)

Judge: Remigiusz Substyk
path host: Krzysztof Okopsky
Non-infectious: Valentin Grubauer (69.01) was in the first half

Starter pack: II

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