The Lewandowski family chose where to live in Spain.  Football Impress

Share the epic transfer Robert Lewandowski It came to an end. After several weeks of negotiations, it became clear that the Polish representative would move from Bayern Munich lowest F.C.B. The contract is valid for three years with an option to extend it for another term.

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Interview with Christian Falk from Belda about Robert Lewandowski’s transfer

Robert Lewandowski will play for FC Barcelona. We know where the Polish actor will live

Pole father has always dreamed of. Game in Spain. A year ago, he and his wife bought a property in Mallorca, where Levandusci Spend a lot of free time. Now they will live permanently in Catalonia. as he knows “Reality”After the transfer of the captain of the Polish national team, their new home will be the city of Sitges. It is a tourist city located about 35 kilometers from the city itself Barcelona.

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This choice was determined by the advantages of this place, that is, the location near golf courses, restaurants or, of course, the beaches. In addition, city streets contrasting with luxurious mansions add charm. Furthermore it Levandusci They were supposed to choose Sitges because there is a prestigious language school for children from 2 to 10 years old – the British School in Barcelona Sitges. This is where the children of the couple will attend.

Krychowiak wrote back to Lewandowski. Brief comment on transportation

As it turned out, in finding a new apartment for the Lewandowski family The older sister of football player Melina helped. According to the information of the Spanish journalist Gerardo Romero, she has been looking for a new place for a footballer for several months. In the end, she recommended the charming Sitges family.

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