June 3, 2023


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Prehistoric creeper passes under the hammer.  This dinosaur will find a new buyer for a fantastic amount!

Prehistoric creeper passes under the hammer. This dinosaur will find a new buyer for a fantastic amount!

Perhaps five to eight million dollars will be paid by a new buyer of a Gorgosaurus skeleton. The perfectly preserved remains will be placed under the hammer at Sotheby’s New York auction house. Anyone can participate in the auction and it will run until July 28.

Dinosaur fossils have always attracted the most interest from researchers and science enthusiasts. Very well preserved petrified gorgosaur skeleton 77 million years ago (Mesozoic, late Cretaceous) went to auction in New York.

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gorgosaurus It is a close cousin of the more popular T. rex. It shares many anatomical similarities. The specimen from Sotheby’s is 3 meters high and 6.7 meters long. A perfectly preserved skull, on which we can see minute details, distinguishes this predator from a tyrannosaurus – we are talking mainly about its rounded eye sockets.

Dinosaur for sale! A few million dollars is enough

Sotheby’s sells many prehistoric animal remains. fossil gorgosaur skeleton It’s not the only impressive specimen hitting the hammer. The New York City home is also famous for its auctions of the most complete tyrannosaurus skeleton and remains of the largest triceratops ever discovered.

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However, if buying a Gorgosaurus at the $5-8 million price tag doesn’t interest us, we can take a look at Sotheby’s website, something else is on sale – perhaps it will catch our eye Triceratops skull for about 300 thousand. dollar ammonite fossil with iridescent shell For 70 thousand. dollar or american lion skull for $600,000.

Unknown in his own group will land influencer gorgosaur skeleton. So far, until July 21, it’s on display at the auction house and this is the last chance to take a closer look at it.

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