The harsh truth of what happened to David Kubacki’s wife.  “When things are really bad…” the skateboarder admits.

David Kubacki He was the only one to qualify for the final series of Saturday’s competition Ski Jumping World Cup In Ruka, Finland. But his performance was still far from expectations and, above all, far from what a jumper is capable of. He ranked 21st, which – As mentioned in an interview with Interia Sport – It does not satisfy him completely. It seems that things will only get better now, although he does not hide the fact that he is still dealing with the effects of the recent injury.

“I have to admit that after being sick last week I feel a lack of energy. I have some, but it’s not enough for my legs to work well. I’ve missed some hill training sessions, so I haven’t been able to do that.” I’ve had the opportunity to work a lot on my technique this past week. It’s Friday I was overly active in the navigation position. I couldn’t hold it in transition, otherwise I would have landed on my nose. After that, the authority defended itself and withdrew. This made it difficult to pay. And I improved it on Saturday. The leg also worked better. “It’s not yet good enough to start the jump well with just the leg,” he said.

Expectations for the season opener were certainly higher. The only thing I can do now is take small steps to improve. If I start to panic, which is true for all employees, we won’t get out of it. You have to work on it calmly

~ – He added.

He’s glad he can jump at all, because just a few months ago the continuation of his career was uncertain. My wife Marta had serious heart problemsHer condition was serious. Today it’s better, but it’s hard to completely forget such experiences and emotions as Kobacki refers to in front of the “Good Morning TVN” camera.

Davut Kubacki: There is no need to panic at a moment like this/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

David Kubacki on his wife’s struggle for life: “I would not wish such thoughts on anyone”

David Kubacki He explained that he does not look back on difficult moments every day because it was not a pleasant experience. “I had no idea what was going to happen. I had limited information. Doctors need time to make a diagnosis. We had to wait.” I knew just how bad it was” – he pointed out.

In his opinion, his wife’s return to life and health is “A miracle created by the hands of doctors“It was their heroic job to keep it alive and then bring it to where it is now,” he explained. He shared a dramatic idea that popped into his head when the situation was still very uncertain.

When things are so bad, you wonder what direction things will go. What would it be like, and what if. I wouldn’t wish such thoughts on anyone. As I remember this, my voice gets stuck in my throat because I begin to wonder how I can explain this to a child if things go wrong.

~ – He confessed.

now Marta Kopaka He lives with a pacemaker, which ensures a fairly normal daily life, although it also involves some limitations. What? “She’s not allowed to weld. If she wanted to take a welding course, it wouldn’t be very good, because the device itself has limitations – the high-frequency magnetic field doesn’t work well on it,” the jumper explained. .

He added that you should also be careful with microwaves and induction stovetops. What is most important? “But apart from that Live normally. This is also the recommendation of doctors, let us live normally,” concluded Davut Kupacki.

David Kubacki/Joe squid/France Press agency

David Kubacki/Lukacs Silage/Reporter

David Kubacki and Marta Kubacka/Marek Debas/Reporter/East News

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