Dziewa played the executioner again!  A big blow in the PLK finals

Quick response from Śląska Wrocław in the Energa Basket League Finals! Andrej Urlep’s players won in Warsaw against Legia 81:74 and again took the lead in the fight for the Polish championship.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Basketball players Legia Warsaw Muhammed Ali Abdulrahman (centre), Kerem Kanter (left) and Ivan Ramlijak (P) from Silesia Wroclaw

PAP / Leszek Szymański / Pictured: Legia Warsaw basketball players Muhammed Ali Abdirahman (centre), Kerem Kanter (left) and Ivan Ramliak (P) from Silesia Wroclaw

– If I remember correctly, Alexander Dziwa has always loved matches with Legia, he is our executioner – said Wojciech Kamensky, coach of Legia after the first match of the finals.

And after the third match of the finals, he could say the same. Andrej Urlep started with Alexander Dziov on the bench, but he was key.

The strong wing started his concert as soon as he appeared on the dance floor. In the first quarter he collected 12 “points” and before the break he used 7 out of 8 throws of the game.

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Legia did what they could to come back, as they left for the second half, losing 39:46. When a few “triplets” finally came along, the hosts were able to take the lead! However, long shots turned out to be decisive. ages too.

Andrej Urlep pulls up the Joker who turns out to be D’Mitrik Trice. This action completed important actions, but the master key – at 74:71 for Silesia – belonged to Dziewa. This is a hard throw with a foul. It was a critical hit!

The Legia players had made a few open attempts from distance to equalize a moment before, but on Sunday that gun didn’t work – Legia players had 9/31 behind the 6.75 streak – 1/7 was Muhammad Ali Abd al-Rahman, 1/6 Robert Johnson and 1/5 ukasz Koszarek.

Silesia won and took the second step towards the Polish championship. And Dziewa finally scored 21 points – he used 8 of the 11 throws of the match.

The fourth match will take place on Tuesday 24 May (20:40). Ligia will be the host again. The competition lasted to four victories.

Legia Warsaw – WKS Śląsk Wrocław 74:81 (17:26, 22:20, 22:14, 13:21)

corps: Robert Johnson 20, Juri Skevich 16, Raymond Coles 16, Muhammed Ali Abd al-Rahman 10, Dariush Wika 7, Kukas Kozarek 3, Adam Kemp 2, Jacob Sadowski 0, Grzegorz Kaminski 0.

Silesia: Alexander Dziwa 21, Travis Trice 15, Cream Canter 12, Okas Kolinda 9, Dimetric Trice 7, Martins Myers 6 (10 bps), Ivan Ramliak 5 (10 bps), Cody Justice 4.

Competition Status: 2: 1 to WKS-u Śląsk Wrocław

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