Millions quarrel led to a split staff!  Rattle Lewandowski and Michniewitz.  Here behind the scenes
  • Our team was eliminated in the World Cup in Qatar in the 1/8 finals. After a good performance against France, the senior players of the team started talking openly about the need to play in an attacking manner
  • We were able to establish that during one of the sessions, the selector told the players that he, together with Robert Lewandowski, established the rules for the division of the special bonus that Prime Minister Mateusz Moravicky personally promised
  • The promise of a “national” bonus for being knocked out of the group at the World Cup is unusual and not yet practiced. And this is not surprising, because football players receive a bonus from PZPN
  • The crackle in the relationship between Lewandowski, Zielinski and many other footballers with Micniewicz means his chances of keeping his job are fading fast.
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The better match against France did not calm the mood at all. Coach Michniewicz reacts nervously and slyly to even the most fundamental questions during the conference, sending him the most important players decisive and obvious hints.

After the match against France, Piotr Zielinski and, above all, Robert Lewandowski allowed himself such words, and when asked by TVB Sport if he would like to play in the World Cup in four years, he said important phrases: “The game is essential. It will be an element.” important, even in the near future.” It sounded like an indictment against Michniewicz’s conservative tactics, but it turned out that the gentlemen had different opinions not only on this issue.

Prime Minister: Really good award

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