The government has not yet transferred money from the OFE to the Poles.  What are the results achieved by the funds by investing part of the pension premium? [22.05.2022]

Despite the announcements and other bills addressed to the House of Representatives, the government did not, in the end, decide to liquidate the open pension funds and transfer the billions accumulated in them for future pensions, either to the Social Insurance Institution or to the special accounts of future pensioners. Therefore, OFEs continue to invest money transferred to them from part of the contribution to compulsory retirement insurance, and last year they achieved a record result – they earned 29.7% for their members. However, it is difficult to expect an equally high rate of return on the money invested in 2022. Why?

OFE rates of return this year will be lower than the record results for 2021 due to the war in Ukraine, high inflation and high fuel prices.

However, expanding the list of financial instruments available to pension funds to include Treasury bonds, foreign exchange traded funds, derivatives and stock loans will allow them to increase the chances of a higher return on investment – according to the IGTE “PTE Chiefs Team” study.

The Pension Societies Chamber of Commerce, which links global pension associations, and OFE’s corporate management, has launched regular surveys among the heads of pension fund companies in order to study their opinions on selected issues relating to the operation of pension funds. The first edition of the “PTE Chiefs Team” study is devoted to predictions regarding investment outcomes in OFE in 2022.

According to eight out of nine PTE chiefs surveyed (88.9%), the outcome of an OFE investment in 2022 is likely to be weaker than that of 2021. This view was not shared by a respondent who found it difficult to predict the rates of return of open pension funds in 2022. .

Respondents were also asked to point out three main factors that may negatively affect the results of investing in open pension funds in the current year. The most frequent threats were the escalation of the war in Ukraine (88.9%), followed by:

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