Chinese scientists have built a “satellite” to simulate weightlessness on Earth. Will you help them gain an advantage in space exploration?

China is constantly striving to establish itself as a global superpower, along with Russia and the United States. The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) hopes the “satellite” will help astronauts prepare for a manned mission to the Silver Globe. Talking about the extraordinary project “South China Morning Newspaper”.

60 cm satellite

Contrary to appearances, “satellite” is not unusual. It is housed in a vacuum chamber with a diameter of 60 cm and is scheduled to be officially launched this year. Thanks to this body, gravity will “disappear” as long as it takes. Unfortunately, Chinese scientists do not want to comment on the construction of the “satellite”. The exception is Ruilin Li of China University of Mining and Technology, who published the project.

Some experiments, such as the vibration test, take only a few seconds in the simulator, but others, such as the creep test, can take several days.

Rulin Lee

The construction of the “satellite” was inspired by the experiments of physicist Andrew Gaim, who used magnets to lift a frog. Similar events take place in a newly built room. The CNSA primarily wants to test equipment that might be useful in building Chinese roving vehicles and planning a manned mission to our satellite.


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China’s space program is developing very quickly. Suffice it to mention that the Chang’e-5 . probe It was recently discovered that there is water on the surface of the moonThe manned mission to our satellite will take place in the coming years. Especially since the Chinese have an ambitious vision of reaching Mars by 2033, before the Americans set their feet there.

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