The movie "Kogel-mogel 4" delighted viewers.  She has the best record since the beginning of the epidemic

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Movie “the end ¶wiata, or kogel-mogel 4 ”, in pre-premiere shows and after last weekend in cinemas, he showed that there is no competition. The comedy, loved by millions of Poles, can be proud of the evaluation of an impressive audience. Fourth part of the production a witness 290,602 viewers in just three days from the premiere. This result is impressive considering the fact that sometimes COVID-19 Many people are converting movie theatres to watch movies at home. It should be noted, however, that cinemas are set up to watch movies safely and every viewer must wear a protective mask before entering the room and during the show. Compliance with all health recommendations guarantees safety.

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Anna Mucha reveals the scenes of “Kogla-mogla 4”. She also summarized the transformations she went through

Anna Mucha, when asked about her partner, made a smart decision

“Apocalypse, or kogel-mogel 4” won a record. What is the movie about?

Screenwriter and co-producer of “Koniec świata, or kogel-mogel 4”, Ilona SipkowskaIn her bones, she felt that the film would meet with a positive reaction from Polish and Polish women. In her talk, the screenwriter pointed out that due to isolation and the epidemic, society needs a production that makes time interesting and allows the problems of everyday life to be forgotten for a moment:

I think “the end of the world, or kogel-mogel 4” for us – tired of the constant state of restrictions, worries about loved ones, economic problems – is a good proposition and I have a feeling it will work.

The production will surprise viewers with a crazy, somewhat frivolous, and sometimes unpredictable story. This is not your typical comedy that gets bored after the first few minutes. The great cast is also an advantage. The film appeared, among other things Anna MuchaAnd Dorota StaliskaAnd Maciej Zakościelny if Nicodim Rosbecky.

Have you watched the fourth part of the comedy yet? How would you rate production?

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