June 2, 2023


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A smart watch with this processor will make smart phones

A smart watch with this processor will make smart phones

This problem is well known to every owner smart watch. You only need to use it intensively and the battery level will quickly go down. This practically means that It needs to be recharged daily. Another drawback is the lack of a camera, because the technology related to the performance of the watch battery did not allow this.

The solution may be a new and innovative chip Qualcomm W5 With an interesting name Snapdragon W5 and W5 Plus. Snapdragon W5 Gen 1+ has four ARM Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.7GHz, as well as Adreno 702 graphics at 1GHz.

Snapdragon W5 It is to be the successor to the previous treatments Snapdragon 4100 and 4100 PlusThey are the center units for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or TicWatch 3 Pro. They brilliantly coped with simple functions, but they worked for two or three days at the most on a single battery charge.
The new W5 series chips should not only be faster, but also require less power. Qualcomm announced that the use of the new technology to use silicon will reduce the thickness of the chip to 4 nanometers.

The new generation of popular smartwatches is set to include another breakthrough solution which is to significantly expand its range of operation. In short: W5 . chip He will take over the chosen tasks, a He kept the rest of his jobs asleep. For example, while jogging, only the GPS function will be active, but the WiFi module that we are not using will be turned off.

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Everyone’s weak point smart watches He was taking pictures. There are watches with a camera, but most often there are models that are used as toys for children. The biggest market leaders like apple if Samsung They decided not to insert the camera into the smartwatch as it would significantly reduce battery life. The new W5 chip means this will change soon.

His abilities are so great that he can handle broadcasts Online video. This means that with the advent of the new era of microprocessors, the vision of the creator will be realized sixth.

Anyone with a new generation smartwatch will be able to have a conversation using the watch, a He will see his interlocutor on the smartwatch screen. And he won’t have to look for a power outlet after this conversation to recharge the battery.