Guillermo Devila and Vasco Maduono take DNA test, truth will be known soon |  Views

The young man’s mother, Jessica Maduano, gave details of the meeting and did not hesitate to speak out against Venezuela.

“They’re going to test on Monday, but on Monday they set up a circus because they’re representatives of Channel 2,” Vasco’s mother told the cameras Magali Madina.

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Vasco’s mother swears that Guillermo Devila used her son to promote a concert: “It’s a cockroach”

He explained, And recognize the similarity within Physical appearance Is between the two.

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Vasco Maduo went to the lab alone I quoted him, See a large number of delegates from Latin, Went back and forth. He took the opportunity to call his lawyer to arrange another place for the DNA test.

“Yesterday, Tuesday, the evidence was taken with a notary, with lawyers, in two labs. One of the labs said he was going to do a quick test, which will come out in two days, which is the lab he took.”He agreed.

“I think his purpose is to take the test,” Jessica Maduono said aloud. .

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