Supernova Sail immortalized in amazing detail.  This photo is not to be missed

The purpose of his observations and images was the so-called supernova sail. It is the remnant of a powerful explosion that occurred 800 light years from our planet. According to scientists, the volcanic eruption occurred between 5,000 and 11,000 years ago. Thus the distance and time separating us from these events is like the blink of an eye on the scale of the universe.

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Undoubtedly, our ancestors could admire this extraordinary sight. The exploding star was certainly visible in Earth’s sky, as its estimated brightness was up to 250 times brighter than that of Venus. The scale of this phenomenon was so great that it could also be admired during the day. Quite a tempting choice, although we can imagine that the people of Earth at the time must have felt intimidated by the unknown source of the explosion.

The Sail supernova is the remnant of an explosion that occurred 5,000 to 11,000 years ago at a distance of 800 light years from Earth.

The constellation Sail alone, in which the supernova remnants are located, consists of at least 110 stars visible to the naked eye. This constellation also contains NGC 2736, better known as the Pencil Nebula. This is the brightest component of the Sail supernova and was identified in 1835. This was done by John Herschel, an English astronomer who made history by discovering an impressive number of different types of celestial bodies.

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Chander used the Takahashi E160ed telescope and Zwo 6200mm pro camera to capture the image, which shows the Sail supernova. The resulting mosaic covers about six degrees of the sky. The end result is amazing and sometimes it’s hard to believe that this is an actual photo and not the effect of the photo creation tools. But such is the universe. Powerful explosions of stars exploding as supernovae are pleasing to the eye, but they’re also really powerful. As a result, valuable elements are released into space and continue to circle the universe. You can find more pictures by Chander on his profile here.

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