Ladybug opens on Sunday.  This is what "rents" would look like.  Our instructions

The company has long received information that the network is considering opening stores on non-commercial Sundays. Now it is no secret that it is about organizing book rental – says one of the employees of Biedronka.

Pedronka regulates rents has found the instructions that network employees should receive Ladybug. According to her, already On Friday night, some stores will receive about 140 books. The book stands will be located in the entrance area or in a food-free area, depending on the category of facility.

Some chain stores will open this weekend.

what is important, Only customers with a Moja Biedronka loyalty card will be able to use the rental shop. As per the instructions we got, the book borrowing period is two weeks, in a three month system.

If the customer does not return the book after two weeks, then the My Biedronka card is blocked, but not for shopping, but for the possibility of borrowing another book – we read in the instructions.

Supposed to be on loan Deposit collected in the amount of 3 PLN. This deposit will be returned in the form of a voucher upon return of the book. It will only be possible to borrow books at traditional checkout, but not at self-service checkout.

We have already sent the question about plans to open stores on Sunday to the Biedronka chain several times. Unfortunately, by the time the article was published, we had not received an answer.

The rest of the article is below the video

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This is how stores take advantage of the regulatory loophole

Shops that trade on Sundays use an article in the law that excludes trade bans.Commercial establishments in establishments operating in the fields of culture, sports, education, tourism and entertainment“.

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