Elle Fanning vs. Predator.  The actress will star in Badlands

jack brings deadline, Elle Fanning (charming) is negotiating contract details for the lead role in the film Badlands. This is the new installment of the series predatorwho will direct him Then Trachtenberg Based on a script he co-wrote with Patrick Ison. This is the same director who made this amazing film Predator: prey.

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Badlands – what do we know?

Details of the plot are unknown. It is known that the series’ icon, the Predator, will play a major role here. The project is not plot-related either victim. According to journalist Justin Kroll, this film aims to build a new world linked to the Predator series.

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Co z Predator: Prey 2?

Kroll reports that Badlands I Prey 2 arise independently. Both projects are being developed by Dan Trachtenberg, but at the moment everything points to that Badlands Filming will take place first, because we read that filming is scheduled to take place in the fall of 2024.

The journalist reported that 20th Century Studios I want to have two standalone series with Predator. The person supervising their development will be Trachtenberg.

The potential release date for Badlands is unknown. It is not known whether the film will be shown in cinemas or not victim To flow.

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