Starfield generated the “most subscribers” on Xbox Game Pass.  This is bad news for PlayStation

Microsoft, by acquiring Bethesda and deciding on Starfield exclusivity, has taken a truly sensible business action. The space RPG gained notoriety while leading the results of the entire gaming division and Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield can easily be considered the most successful project in the history of the creators of the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series, all due to its enormous popularity and achieving the status of the “biggest premiere” in the team’s history. As mentioned earlier, the production debut brought record results for Microsoft’s entire gaming division.

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Satya Nadella confirmed the extent of the game’s success. During a conference call with shareholders, the Microsoft chief had reasons to feel good and shared very promising statistics – Starfield generated the largest number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers in a single day since the service’s inception.

The Redmond giant has previously showcased a number of first-party games on Xbox Game Pass, but no premiere has received such a lively response and achieved such an impressive result.

Satya Nadella announced during a Microsoft panel that the launch of Starfield generated the largest number of Game Pass subscribers in a single day in the service’s history.

This is a success for Bethesda and Microsoft, but we can safely say that it is also bad news for PlayStation fans. The American company received a clear confirmation of the correctness of its actions – the premiere of even the most anticipated AAA titles on Xbox Game Pass is a great option, so the company can decide on the exclusivity of subsequent Bethesda games, and in the future Activision Blizzard. Items that appear first will automatically drive service results.

We have previously received confirmations that Indiana Jones from MachineGames, among other things, will only be available on Xbox and PC, Although it was originally supposed to come to PS5…We can expect more decisions of this kind in the future. In the end, Starfield allowed for great success.

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