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“What happened to the 001 player”“South Korean actor O Young Soo, who played the role of O’Leary, was one of the most famous actors in the world for his work with 142 million viewers in the first season of the Netflix series. And had a respectable acting career, astonishing the public with his youthful photos as an actor.

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The He was born on October 19, 1944. His age was not a barrier to his popularity among the elderly. TV production, If not the opposite. The experience and the path traveled traveled to give him more drama .

The actor has taken the world fame gained by relaxing Netflix series. He said his interests are now different: helping his environment. “I don’t want to be ambitious. Big or small, we all have things in this life. Now, I want to give back everything I have received and give things to my community. I think so now. “, Said in an interview “How do you play?MBC.

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He further added that he did not have a representative and therefore did not know how to handle incoming calls.Squid game”. His daughter helps him at his table, and now, every time he goes out for coffee, everyone on the street recognizes him and greets him. What makes him famous is that people are looking for what the actor was like when he was young.

O Young Soo in the series “The Squid Game”. (Photo: Netflix)

Young O Young Soo Luke, How did the 001 player come from “The Squid Game”?

South Korean actor O Young Soo Stood alone “Squid game“Therefore Player 001, But he already had a highly celebrated career Netflix series, As seen in Photos In it he looked young in front of the screens.

Long before the event “Squid game“And Oh in-we, The translator acted as a judge and monk, especially in plays, films and television series. He made his debut “Q Village”On television, after graduation Department of Drama and Film, University of Tonga.

Bearing between black hair and calm and firm. The artist is like this “Squid game”Without guessing, when it was one of the jewels of the country’s activity, to it 77 years, He lives on world fame for a role that can impress viewers on television.

What is “The Squid Game” about?

Developed by Siren Pictures Inc. for Netflix.“It brings together 456 people with financial problems who want to win $ 45.6 billion – about $ 38 million – more than enough to commit to a mysterious game that promises more than enough to start a new life.

Throughout the nine chapters, The It exposes how frustration, ambition, but humanity, comes and goes on the chessboard run by dishonest singers who believe they have nothing to lose, believing they are helping rivals.

When will “The Squid Game” Season 2 be released?

The second season of “The Squid Game” has not yet had a release date on Netflix, but new episodes will be streaming on stage in early 2023.

What’s the alternative to “squid game”?

In an interview , Hwang Dong-hyuk It was revealed that the writing team discussed whether to board the Ki-Han flight or return. “In fact, we fight to the end between two different scenes. One was, and the other was an alternative decision, in which Ki-Han boarded the plane and exited. Then of course there was another one who walked back towards the camera”, He thought.

We kept asking ourselves, is it really right for Ki-Han to continue his own happiness and decide to go see his family? Is it the right way to really bring out the question or message we wanted to convey through this series?

“‘S an alternative result though“It would have been a” happy “ending to the character, which would not have surprised all viewers about a new volume of episodes.

We came to the conclusion that he could not ask the question we wanted to ask if he got on the plane.Hwang explained. “The question we want to answer is, ‘Why is the world as it is now?’ And Ji-Han can only respond or propose to it if he walks back towards the camera. This is how we end. Finally ends”.

Korean series, movies and music are worldwide hits
Korean series, movies and bands are truly global successes. The South Korean series has also been adapted for local production. This year, the most successful Netflix series is “The Squid Game”, which is growing its fan base every day. Actors who do not have social networks already had more than 20 million followers per series within 48 hours of creating their accounts. (Source: USA TV)
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