Spain: Four omicron cases.  The country does not exclude social isolation

In the evening’s announcement, Catalonia’s medical authorities said they had detected infections with the new variant in two passengers who had flown in from Germany the day before.

The third case of omicron infection confirmed on Tuesday was found in a 61-year-old woman who had traveled to Spain from South Africa with a layover in Amsterdam.

He is the second person from the Madrid caucus to be diagnosed with Omicron. On Monday, an infection of the new variant was found in a man who had also come to Spain from South Africa via Amsterdam.

According to Spanish medics, all the people who have contracted the Omikron variant so far, have either been recently in South Africa or had contact with people from that part of the world.

Meanwhile, Gate 20 Minutos is drawing attention to the case of a patient who may have been infected with Omicron, who has not had contact with, or has recently traveled to, any newcomer from Africa.

The head of the ministry, Carolina Daria, informed that on the air of Cadena Ser radio, the Spanish sanitation services may take such a decision in case of an increase in infections with the new variant. But she stressed that such a decision would be a “last resort”.

According to Darias, any forced social isolation can only be expected after the end of Christmas.

– First of all, it is necessary to vaccinate and take preventive measures – stressed the minister, noting that Spain is not only among the leading countries in the world in terms of the number of vaccinated people, but also in terms of doses of COVID-19 preparations transferred to other countries.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Health, 89.3 percent of the total vaccination process against Covid-19 had been completed by Monday evening in Spain, with a population of 47 million. Population.

In Spain, where people over 12 years old are vaccinated against the Corona virus, the number of people vaccinated with the third dose is also gradually increasing. To date, more than five million citizens have adopted it.

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