Russian unit anchored.  And this time he didn't run the space station.  NASA: Error-Free Docking

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Is Russia tired of cooperating with the United States in space? Focuses on the “Watani” project. [OKO NA ŚWIAT]

The Russians have been trying for some time to argue that the International Space Station is indeed a project too old to continue investing in it. They are even considering abandoning international cooperation and building their own space station in orbit. it will be cost Billions, however, would be an entirely “national” project.

However, this does not prevent the Russian space agency Roscosmos from carrying out previously planned investments. The biggest event in recent years was the removal and connection in July of this year. To the ISS Science Unit, i.e. the most recent Currently the Russian research component of the international station.

Another Russian unit docked at the International Space Station

This weekend was the second most important start towards the International Space Station from Russian soil. The Russians took it into orbit and attached the Prichal (the dock) module to the station when the International Space Station was over Ukraine. This time it was without any accidents and the unit connected smoothly on the first try. As stated by the speaker NASA Quoted by Rob Navias by Space.comThe docking “was as flawless as possible”.

Docking at Priczał Unit Station is an item that scientists might fear. The science unit, launched from Earth with a delay of 14 years, had a big problem with it. Science struggled to stay in orbit for a week before finally reaching the International Space Station. There were also accidents here, because shortly after docking, the engines were accidentally launched into the unit, and the entire ISS was turned by about 45 degrees, which is very dangerous. More about this Title We wrote in the text below:

The Priczał module brought about 1,000 kg of cargo to the International Space Station and is connected to the Science module. Priczał primarily plays the role of the docking unit, as it allows five spacecraft to be connected to the International Space Station. Therefore, it will greatly increase the capacity of the terminal, and this is of great importance in the context of tourism flights On the International Space Station, which the Russians would like to start soon forever.

In October this year. Professional astronaut Anton Zakopelro arrived at the International Space Station with two passengers – director Klim Zybenko and actress Julia Peresild. The team spent 12 days at the station recording images for a Russian film called Summoning.

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