slag.  This time there was no surprise in Shestokhova.  The Faulkniers won the bronze and Lindgren said goodbye

Very quickly Włókniarz Częstochowa began beating For Nature Solutions Apator Toruń dreams of winning a bronze medal. In the rematch he won 59:31 and three years later he returned to the podium at PGE Ekstraliga.

Tomas Janiszewski

Kacper Woryna in front of Fredrik Lindgren

WP SportoweFakty/Patrick Kowalski/Pictured: Kacper Woryna in front of Fredrik Lindgren

Due to the fact that Toruń won with Częstochowa only 46:44, in the rematch they could give their opponent only one point, if they wanted to stand on the podium. And this means, according to the overwhelming majority of observers, that the favorites for the bronze medal in this year’s PGE Ekstraliga are the hosts of the rematch, who, after an unexpected defeat in the semi-finals, had to save the season in total for third place.

– It would be better to score more points in Toruń, so we lost. This is a strong team with a replacement player. Tough game – Lech coach Kędziora admitted diplomatically to Eleven Sports, who after the first series had to be somewhat reassured, because his players were not only leading the match (16:8), but relatively safe in a tie, in which they got six points advantage.

The competition started from 5:1 for Apator, but what if the next three runs were the same results in Włókniarz’s favour. First of all, Jakub Miśkowiak and Mateusz Świdnicki, who started very well, did a great job, confirming they are the best junior duo in the league. Although in the second round they did not score strongly.

Watch the video for PGE Ekstraliga magazine. Ticket scandal before the final! Sadowski explains that Michaelsen and Mikoviak are back

White and green did not lose any of their advantages, although they did not gain (25:17). All because we have three draws. First, the fastest Kacper Woryna defended himself well against the attacks of Robert Lambert and scored three points. After a while, Fredrik Lindgren interrupted the eighteen-race series with no individual winners. Prior to Equation 3:3, Lambert presented his team with Bartosz Smecta on the outside.

The match went on and the guests, just as they couldn’t make up for the losses, still couldn’t. Lindgren performed in concert, excommunicating Pawe Przedpełski and Jacek Holder. In the ninth race, Leon Madsen finally got up, while Smecta overtook Patrick Dudek, who was driving below his abilities in the next playoff. Before the break, Lambert and Lorena had a second big duel. This time he was the first winner.

It was 35:25 and coach Robert Sauena didn’t wait. The representative of the United Kingdom was released as a tactical reserve of the eleventh heat. But Lambert squandered the starting point and did nothing against rookie Mikoviak and Madsen. So the Apator situation was very difficult, and after a while it was all over. Miśkowiak won again, this time in a duet with Woryna, which ensured domestic success.

It became clear three times before the end that the residents of Chistoshova would try to win bronze medals on the podium. Previously, they stood on it three years ago and also at its lowest. In the end, Włókniarz finished his act, defeating Apator by 28 “points”, and Lindgren won the last match in the colors of Czestochowa with a so-called driven group. Throughout the meeting, only Lambert was worthy of praise in the ranks, confirming the status of the leader of the yellow and blue eggs. They have been waiting for a medal in the DMP since 2016.

punctuation marks: Włókniarz Częstochowa – 59
9. Leon Madsen – 10 + 2 (1.1*, 3.2*, 3)
10. Bartosh Smecta – 9 + 1 (2*, 2, 1, 3, 1)
11. Kacper Woryna – 9 + 2 (0.3,2,2*,2*)
12. Jonas Jepsen – ns
13. Fredrik Lindgren – 13 + 2 (2*, 3, 3, 2*, 3)
14. Matthews Schwednecki – 6 + 2 (2*,3,0,0,1*)
15th. Jacob Mikoviak – 12 (3,3,0,3,3)
16. Cajetan Kubik – ns

For Nature Solutions Apator Toruń – 31
1. Patrick Doddick – 5 + 1 (3,1,1 *, d, -, 0)
2. Jack Stand – 6 + 1 (0.2.1*, 2.1.0)
3. Paul Przydebinsky – 6 + 2 (2*, 1*, 2, 0, 1)
4. replace player
5. Robert Lambert – 13 (1,2,3,3,1,1,2)
6. Krzysztof Lewandowski – 1 (1.0,0.0)
7. Matthews Avelt – 0 (0.0, -)

Running after running:
1. (63,14) Dudek, Przyzbinsky, Madsen, and Lorena – 1:5 – (1:5)
2. (62,20) Miśkowiak, widnicki, Lewandowski, Affelt – 5:1 – (6:6)
3. (61.86) Mikoviak, Lindgren, Lambert, Holder – 5:1 – (11:7)
4. (62.69) Świdnicki, Smektaa, Dudek, Lewandowski – 5:1 – (16:8)
5. (62.87) Woryna, Lambert, Przedpełski, Świdnicki – 3: 3 – (19:11)
6. (61.89) Lindgren, Holder, Dudek, Mikoviak – 3:3 – (22:14)
7. (62.09) Lambert, Smecta, Madsen, Avelt – 3:3 – (25:17)
8. (62,27) Lindgren, Przedpełski, Holder, Świdnicki – 3:3 – (28:20)
9. (62.03) Madsen, Holder, Smecta, Dudek (D/4) – 4:2 – (32:22)
10. (62.10) Lambert, Lorena, Udneki, Lewandowski – 3:3 – (35:25)
11. (62.74) Mikoviak, Madsen, Lambert, Przyzbinsky – 5:1 – (40:26)
12. (62,23) Mikoviak, Lorena, Holder, Lewandowski – 5:1 – (45:27)
13. (62.90) Smektaa, Lindgren, Lambert, Przedpełski – 5:1 – (50:28)
14. (62.77) Madsen, Lorena, Przydbinsky, Dudek – 5:1 – (55:29)
15th. (62.75) Lindgren, Lambert, Smecta, Holder – 4: 2 – (59:31)

Judge: Pawel Słupski
path host: Tomas Walchuck
Starter pack: And the
Non-infectious: 61.86 AM – Scored by Jakub Miśkowiak (Włókniarz) in Heat 3.
Total match result: 103: 77 Luknarians who won a bronze medal.

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