June 9, 2023


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slag. He gave the latest news of his health and apologized to his rival

Facebook / Musielak Racing – Tobiasz Musielak / Pictured: Tobiasz Musielak

Konrad Sinkowski

Tobiasz Musielak started the league season in the worst way possible. Leszczynian fell already in the first round and suffered an injury. He plans to get back on the track in April.

For Tobiasz Musielak, Saturday’s match of Arged Malesa Ostrów in Gdańsk was the first appearance in the league in new colours. He had high hopes of performing by the sea, but in the first race he was far behind his rivals and his duet partner. As if that wasn’t enough, he crashed on the third lap.

Medical services appeared on the highway racer, and the first news was of a collarbone injury. This was confirmed to our correspondent Mariusz Staszewski, who added that he did not know when his national leader would be back on the track.

Talk about your muselik on social media. He tweeted thanks for the messages and good health, saying he broke his right collarbone.

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“The displacement is large enough to require surgery. I want to return in April,” he added.

Musilak will certainly not participate in the next two matches, when Argyd Malisa will meet at home with Rau Rybnik (second round) and will go to Landshut (third round). If he does indeed get back on the track this month, he might start the match for Ibebe Poznań. However, this seems somewhat dubious.

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Leszczynian had previously commented candidly on the track. But in the evening, Zdonic Vybrzyn Gdańsk apologized. He also emphasized the pride of the Ostro team, who, though they fought bravely, failed at the inauguration.

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