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Paige Speranak is one of the most attractive golfers in the world. Golf is dominated by men, so it is difficult for a woman to reach the top. Spiranac has one championship win – in 2015 she was the winner of the Cactus Tour.

However, it is not easy for her. Spiranac is sometimes ridiculed by some fans and other players. Few of her competitors take her seriously, and some accuse her of only making her career in golf thanks to her Instagram photos.

The golfer recently shared her problem. Receive threats on social media. – I thought I was starting to withdraw and didn’t care about my mental health. I didn’t treat myself as a priority – I admitted on her broadcast.

Spiranak is being harassed, she has received death threats. Obscene messages were sent to her. During her studies, she was harassed by her friends from the university.

The golfer decided to return to the session with the therapist. – Someone threatened to send sperm to my house and to my sister. He threatened to come and kidnap me, I was threatened with death and molested – I explained.

Stalkers are everywhere. Spiranak realizes this. – I am developing on my platform, of course I have new followers all the time, but there are some negative things associated with it – she said.

Sports will not leave this issue. He intends to take legal action against the persecuted. “I want you to know if you’re messing with me, it’s not cool and I won’t let it go,” she commented.

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