Service X not working Global outage and thousands of user reports

On the Dwondetector website, which displays the number of reported issues, you can check that the first reports of issues using the website started to appear in Poland around 6:20 AM. Just before 7 a.m., the graph showed information about nearly 2,700 reported failures, and just a few minutes later, more than 3600 reports.

This failure makes it impossible to use the basic functions of the site – you cannot browse the home page, which should display posts of people you follow. does not work Job too seek Individual passwords or user accounts.

Global outage of website X. Thousands of user reports

Reuters also spoke about the failure of the X platform, also known by its former name Twitter. Also citing Downdetector, it was reported that Global blackout It affected both X website users and owners of the premium version – X Pro.

Users cannot view posts, instead the text appears on the home page.Welcome to X” – According to Reuters. Another message displayed to users in Poland is “Welcome to your timeline” and “Let’s get started.”

Reuters shortly after the 7th reported that in the United States on Problems with access and proper operation Website X has been visited by at least 47,000 users. According to Downdetector, at the peak of the outage in the US, nearly 77,000 reports were recorded.

Sources: Reuters, Intria

“No consent.” Morawiecki to Woronicza/Polsat News/Polsat News

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