Scientists have discovered what is the most beautiful name for a boy.  It has a biblical origin - O2

What is the boy’s name? Research will help you choose

Scientists have identified male names that are most pleasing to the ear and evoke warm feelings. This is what comes from the Bible. I’m talking about Peter, Paul, Matthew, Luke and John, but not only. The study was conducted by scientists from the University of Birmingham in England. They leaned on the phonemes of individual names. Test the reaction to the sound of the nouns being said out loud. Similarities have been made between the sound of the spoken word and its meaning.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr. Bodo Winter, professor of cognitive linguistics, said the names at the top of the list elicited the most positive emotions when speaking out loud. Therefore, it is considered the most pleasant to the human ear. The result was simple. If you are looking for the cutest baby boy name, follow the bible.

Among the 50 most famous names from the USA, the vast majority belong to famous personalities from biblical and church history. Matthew, or Matthews, is at the top of the list. He was one of the apostles. His name means “gift from God”. Dr. Winter has found that it elicits a lot of positive associations when speaking out loud. Julian, William, Isaac, Leo, Levi and Joseph are other honorable names.

However, in Great Britain, the most beautiful male names are associated not only with the Bible. The British choose those who belong to the royal family. Lowe, William and George ended up in the top ten. However, Zayn was number one. As for the female name, the Americans and the British agreed. The most beautiful name for a girl, in their opinion, is Sofia, which means Sophia.

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