Schwarzenegger cheated on Stallone.  His rival starred in a cinematic disaster

The Austrian-born actor shared this story with fans during Beyond Fest in 2017. Once he was asked about his relationship with him Stallone them. “I'm glad we explained everything, because it didn't look pretty. We were constantly attacking each other. We were calling each other names, pointing out each other's weaknesses, competing in everything,” the director recalls. finisher.

“It was so stupid because suddenly we were competing to see who had the best sculpted body. And I said, ‘Foxy, forget it. There's only one seven-time Mr. Olympia winner and that's me. So he had to do it.” You have bigger weapons. “There was a race to see who had the bigger gun or the bigger knife. Remember Rambo's knife was as big as a sword? No one carries anything like that! Stallone ordered one made,” he began, “so I had to find a bigger one. And so it went.”

Stallone's rivalry Schwarzeneggera She was so fierce that she became a star at one point “The Rawda Policeman” He decided to intentionally push his rival into a mine. When the opportunity arose, he was tricked into directing one of the worst films of the 1990s. At the beginning of the last decade of the twentieth century, Schwarzenegger received the script for the comedy “Stop, Mommy's Shooting.” It was about a policeman who was forced to live with his overprotective mother. She still treats him like a little child.

“I've read a script that was really bad. I've made movies that were supposed to be flushed down the toilet. But this movie was really bad. Because it was during our war. [ze Stallone’em]I thought I'd announce that I'm very interested. I know how things work in Hollywood. Then I ask for a lot of money. They'll think he can try to get Sly involved, and maybe he can do it at a lower cost. They told him: Schwarzenegger is interested. […] Talk about it. If you want to take it from him, that's a possibility. And he fell for it! He totally bit the hook! A week later I heard he had signed the contract,” Schwarzenegger laughed.

Stallone confirmed the story when he hosted The Jonathan Ross Show. “For a while we couldn't stand the fact that we lived in the same galaxy. We really hated each other,” Rocky admitted. “[Schwarzenegger] He's very smart. “I can't wait to make this movie,” he started walking around town, saying. I went to my agent and told him to take him away, I wanted to replace him. I got the role and realized how messy it was. And he laughed.”

On Jimmy Kimmel, Schwarzenegger admitted that Stallone called him and asked him directly if he was interested in appearing in the movie “Stop, Mommy's Shooting.” “I said yes, I'm thinking about doing this role. It's a great idea. When? [Stallone] He heard that […] He shouted that he would be in it no matter what. Of course, the finished film was only suitable for a toilet bowl, the former California governor laughed.

“Schwarzenegger tricked me into acting in this garbage,” Stallone said on the Fox & Friends morning show. “That was the moment I thought, 'Why am I here? There was one scene where they wanted me to play with a huge diaper. To kill Arnold with my body.'

Stallone still claims Stop, Mommy Shoots is the worst film of his career. Critics and viewers agreed with him. The production received three Golden Raspberry Awards: for Worst Actor (Stallone), Worst Supporting Actress (Estelle Getty, who played the mother) and Screenplay. The only upside to the whole situation? “At least I didn't have to have a baby,” Stallone joked, referring to the comedy film “Junior” in which Schwarzenegger played a pregnant scientist.

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