San Siro shock.  Milan was leading 2-0 until the 87th minute. Suddenly Roma fired the first shots on goal Piłka

The confrontation between Milan and Roma was the knockout in this round of the Italian First Division, and the Italian champion had to win, because Napoli had won their meeting earlier and escaped with eight points. In contrast, Rome can be approached from the promotion’s area Champions League. From the first minute Jose Mourinho He bet on the representative of Poland, Nikola Zalewski. In turn, he appeared on the bench Jordan Majchrzak, who has been quite vocal lately in the mediaBecause he allegedly charmed Jose Mourinho.

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We had to wait for dangerous situations until the 29th minute. At that time, Brahim Diaz struck a powerful blow from a distance, but right in the middle, thanks to which Rui Patricio rebounded. the ball over the bar. But only moments later, he had to give up in the corner that followed the action. Pierre Kalulu broke free from the defenders and headed the ball into the net. Rui Patricio had the ball in his hands, but he bounced very badly and failed to parry it. Moments later, Nicola Zaloski He was shown a yellow card, presumably for arguing with the referee.

In the 42nd minute, the representative of Poland had the opportunity to equalize. He received the ball from the left side of the field and easily dealt with Davide Calabria, breaking up the movement inside. He had plenty of space and hit the far post, but did not complete the ball. Milan led Roma 1-0 in the second half.

In the second half of the match, Roma looked for an equalizer, but Milan created better counterattacks. In the 52nd minute, Theo Hernandez tries from distance. The ball bounced unpleasantly in front of the Roma keeper, but he managed to clear it. Two minutes later, Oliver got a good header JerrodBut this time Rui Patricio might have stepped in. In turn, Ibrahim Diaz missed the goal from outside the penalty area in the 61st minute.

Italian Football LeagueTwo penalties, two goals and a red card in the Napoli match. Bereszynski did not debut

A shock hit in Serie A drew Milan winning the game

After that, not much happened until the 77th minute. On the right side of the pitch, Milan had ridiculous space and that’s where the ball fell. Rafael Leao played in front of Tommaso Bobigi, who shot from the first ball, and after a rebound, the ball fell into the net, apparently closing the fate of Rome in this match.

Because the guests, until the 87th minute, could not hit the ball on goal. But when it finally worked out, there was one big shock in the San Siro. And in the 88th minute, Roger Ibanez headed the ball into the goal after a corner kick. Roma smelled an opportunity and in the 93rd minute … they hit a free kick on the side of the field, after which Tammy Abraham smashed the ball into the goal! However, after the rebound, Roma eventually scored three shots on goal.

After a crazy match, Milan tied Roma 2-2. Let’s add that the referee also had a good time during this match, showing a total of 12 yellow cards. However, the most fun will be in Napoli, because Napoli escaped Milan and lead by seven points.

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