Polish fans in London immediately after Iga Swiatek’s elimination. Tough but precise. ‘She didn’t look like a champion’

23-year-old women’s tennis star He carries a tremendous amount of pressure on his shoulders.Because even though she didn’t make any promises to anyone from the outside, it does happen that fans start to hold the athlete responsible for the results he has achieved. And when the player achieves amazing results and starts to dominate the world, Every fluctuation is widely commented on..

“Iga was out of her mind, she looked scared and more nervous.”

We knew that Iga Švetic was still inexperienced in playing on grass, but we were optimistic. And increased with the first match against Sofia Kenin.And then the second meeting With Petra MarticHe stressed that progress can be seen with the naked eye. A step forward But it turned out to be not enough in the confrontation with Yulia Putintseva.Who until now received only tennis lessons from the best player in the world. This time, on Court No. 1, the representative of Kazakhstan started playing from the second set as if he A certified teacher took a gifted student on a crash course..

The second and most important facility in the Wimbledon complex was naturally filled with many Polish fans, who, after a three-set match – Surprisingly, they dispersed without anyone noticing.There is usually a lot of Polish in the stadium, and this time it was difficult to see our compatriots among the crowd.

Eric with his wife Iwona and their souvenir from Switzerland, where Iga Svetek signed their shirt and ball./Private Archive/

He was a fan who had been a regular at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club for nearly a decade. Christian, 44 years oldHe is from Warsaw, but has lived in Great Britain for over twelve years.

He immediately stated that the lack of grass matches before this tournament could have turned against our star. – She began her competition in Birmingham, where she played five winning matches and won the entire tournament. It was obvious that there was no grass on it this year.You may not have played well before, but now it’s clear. Working with a new coach pays off.“I have become strong, wherever I play, I will achieve results this year,” says Christian.

A man from Warsaw finds it difficult to take a firm stand on the subject he started, namely: A perspective on Iga Świątek’s potential success in London– Yes, she won the junior Wimbledon, so there is reason to be optimistic, but the senior game is completely different. And Unfortunately, it may turn out that there will be no greater successes on this grass.Although I see how it’s developing, I wouldn’t be completely pessimistic. She’s a clay court specialist at the moment, and she doesn’t feel comfortable here, says Christian.

A bat signed by Carlos Alcaraz. This is it!/Private Archive/

Signature of life. “I don’t know if I could ever get anything more valuable.”

When asked what caught his eye most in the fight between Iga and Putintseva, one London fan pointed out a weakness rarely seen in the Polish woman.

– Iga did not play like a champion, but her opponent’s body language was much better. It was she who looked like a champion. Tatiana Golovin (French of Russian origin – AG note) accurately said that Iga was somewhat mentally lost, she looked scared and more nervous. In the third set, Iga made up some of the lead, and the score 0:6 would have been painful, but it was not enough for more. Putintseva certainly endured this match mentally and adapted very well. She should be commended, because it is always easy to say everything, and emotions are the most difficult opponent

~ The fan approached the matter analytically.

– The important thing is that Iga is number 1, and she wins too. It’s not like his ranking will suddenly drop.. And this is a lesson for the future, that if she wants to win here one day, she has to prepare for these tournaments as best she can. However, I think that Next year he won’t be able to win here. – Christian added.

He can talk about the fact that it is worth coming to the church road. Eric from Manchester areaborn in Olsztyn, who received the “Signature of life

– I managed to get in. Signature of Carlos AlcarazHe put it on the rocket for me. For me, that’s the biggest thing, I don’t know if I could have achieved something more valuable in my career as a fan – our compatriot smiled. He has lived in the British Isles since 2005.“It’s been a long time,” he laughed. “There is a plan to return in five years, so I want to make the most of all the tournaments around me, because later it will be difficult to travel to them from Poland. And here I got into the car and will be there in 3-4 hours,” he points out.

He fell in love with tennis a year ago, and the previous Wimbledon was his second tournament. I’ve caught the bug so many times that I’ve since gone to different places.I’ve been to Seville, Birmingham, Nottingham, Rome and Switzerland. When I have a free weekend, I try to go somewhere for at least a day to feel everything. Live tennis is awesome! – Recommended for all unconvinced people.

A shot at the campsite, where the queue for tickets for a particular day of the tournament begins./Private Archive/

No wonder the 49-year-old couldn’t miss Wimbledon. He claims he didn’t succumb to the charm of Iga Swiatek’s first-round match.

She’s still not in a good position on the grass.. During the grass season, very few players play on this surface. Of course, it has made progress, over the past year, its service, speeds, everything has improved by a hundred percent, that is It’s much better, but still not enough.“Watching the match with Putintseva, I didn’t really know what happened,” the fan said.

For a moment he began to wonder what had affected the Pole more. The fact that, in his opinion, she had deprived herself of opportunities, or Putintseva’s actions.

– It must be said that both factors work simultaneously. Because Iga lost the match to herself, she committed 38 unforced errors compared to her opponent’s 15. On the other hand, the opponent reached such a level, playing close to the limit of her capabilities, that she simply snatched victory.

~ He pointed out.

We have evaluated that. Iga Świątek’s body position at the first conference He points out that he doesn’t feel the same expectations here as he did in Paris, which might be a good diagnosis. But Arik doesn’t share that opinion at all, after comparing it to the version he once saw as the number one player in women’s tennis.

– I was at her match in Rome, and she was really smiling then. This was the first time I saw her sign autographs for everyone after the game.. She signed them for anyone who wanted them, whereas she usually gave out, say, dozens of them. She was also relaxing in Switzerland, but here? – he thought.

Tickets with numbers in line. You have to be patient, but the effort is rewarded with unforgettable experiences./Private Archive/

A tennis lover has his own ideas about what can upset his player’s rhythm. Coach Thomas Viktorowski After the first set.

“Iga must have one hundred percent concentration, shut it down completely.”

– For a moment there was a terrible storm, and there was a merciless bombing on the roof. And I noticed that Iga should be 100% concentrated.He’s not the type of player who interacts with the crowd or smiles. It must have complete “focus” and be completely turned off.. This could also have contributed in some way to her complete destruction and the collapse of everything. And when you collapse, it’s hard to get back together, especially when your opponent is all in and mentally building himself up. So far Putintseva made just one mistake in the second set.This doesn’t really mean anything, my interlocutor assured me with appreciation.

A Manchester resident also spoke about the Polish man’s repertoire of moves and expressed his regret for it. Our player does not play shortcuts on the grass.. In contrast, her signature moves to the baseline give her much less of an advantage than on clay. Arik also gained the right perspective a week ago in Birmingham, where he had the opportunity to watch Putintseva develop. – Then she played practice with Leylah Fernandez and There was clearly some “power” in it.But I never said he was going to win this tournament. She had won five matches in a row, and two more before the clash with Iga, and she was clearly on her way to success. He said she turned around, felt the grass and went for it, adding that the most striking thing was the disappearance of what is usually considered the greatest weapon in the world No. 1’s repertoire.

– Putintseva rose to the top of her game, and Iga played her worst match in a long time. It was clear that she had lost the mental confidence that she could turn things around in this match. As if someone had separated her. Eric was surprised.

Arthur Jack, Wimbledon

Eric spotted English football legend David Beckham on the podium./Private Archive/

Carlos Alcaraz signs a fan’s bat from Poland/Private Archive/

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