Sabalenka plays with Jove!  Live coverage of the Australian Open Grand Slam

We have the Australian Open semi-final ahead of us, which could also be the final of an Australian Grand Slam. The best tennis players will gather for the entire tournament, and one of them will have to be content with only advancing to the best four. Not only is the Grand Slam title at stake, but also second place in the WTA rankings. Who will come out on top in this very close competition? Live coverage and results of the match Aryna Sabalenka – Coco Gauff on Starting at 9:30.

In recent months, tennis fans around the world have eagerly followed the rivalry between Arjen Sabalenka and Iga Svetek. The fight for a seat at the top of the WTA rankings was at stake. Ultimately, the Belarusian briefly ousted the Pole, who regained the lead after winning the WTA Finals in Cancun.

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Coco Gauff unexpectedly joined the group of candidates to take the throne of the world leader in women's tennis professional rankings. The American has shined brilliantly since the beginning of the season, stressing that her victory in the US Open Championship was not just a coincidence or a temporary improvement in form. Before the start of the competition in Melbourne, the difference that Sabalenka scored over the third-placed American was 2,000 points. Currently, her tally stands at only 485 points, which means that if Gauff wins over the Belarusian, she will move to second place in the ranking.

However, beating Sabalenka will not be an easy task. She defeated runner-up Barbora Krejcikova in two sets to advance to her sixth consecutive Grand Slam semifinal. This is an impressive result considering the level of difficulty in events of this category. In addition, the defending champion in Melbourne did not even drop a set.

Unlike her semi-final opponent. Gauff competed with Marta Kostyuk in the semifinals. The Ukrainian had already performed excellently in the early stages of the tournament and it was expected that the match would not end in three sets. These words were already confirmed in the first set of the quarter-final competition.

Although Kostyuk lost the opener after the tiebreak, she leveled the match with Gauff in the second set. The American did not overcome the wind until the third part of the match, which she won 6-2. However, this meant that the 19-year-old lost a lot of strength and energy in the duel with the Ukrainian. At this stage of the tournament, it could be fatal for the Americans.

Sabalenka and Gauff faced each other six times. The young American came out on top four times in these fights. The most painful defeat for the Belarusian was the final of the US Open, when she was leading with Gauff after the first set, but in the end she lost the next two matches and, as a result, the New York Slam title.

The best scenario from a Polish fan's point of view is one in which Gauff beats Sabalenka but loses in the Australian Open final. Then the Polish woman's superiority over the second-placed American would reach 2,050 points. Will this happen?

Live coverage and results of the match Aryna Sabalenka – Coco Gauff on Starting at 9:30.

Carol Platek, Pulsat Sport

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