Russia.  Vladimir Putin met Sergei Shoigu, netizens point out the strange behavior of the Russian president

Ukrainian media reported that the recording of the meeting between President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in which a decision was made on the Azovstal smelter in Mariupol, could have been erroneous. They pay attention to the abnormal position of the Russian leader. Their suspicions were also aroused by the behavior of the head of the Ministry of Defense, who has recently appeared to a lesser extent in public.

“As noted by netizens, Putin’s head moves in the video as if it were separated from his body, they also noticed the unusual position of the president. He is crowded and tense. This may mean that the video is just a fake, poorly edited” – wrote the Ukrainian segodnya portal. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

At the moment, an Internet television portal operated by Voice of America and Radio Soboda indicated that Putin and Shoigu were talking about Mariupol, but social networks were more interested in Putin’s abnormal position and the fact that he was sitting with his hands at the table. “The politician’s hands look really swollen, and there have been reports that Putin was accompanied by doctors,” wrote.

Putin and Shoigu. Photo provided by the Kremlin press service

Health problems

“The strange behavior of Vladimir Putin at his meeting with Sergei Shoigu became an occasion for new jokes and memes. The 69-year-old leader of the aggressor country was described at the table as painful. They emphasized that the president’s meeting in front of the cameras did not effectively dispel rumors about this that he is either afraid to let For someone close to him or he suffers from Parkinson’s disease ”- wrote the Ukrainian portal on his part.

Ilya Ponomarenko, journalist for Kyiv The Independent.

“Putin has Parkinson’s disease,” said former British MP Louise Minch. “You can see how he grabbed the table so his trembling hand wouldn’t show, but he couldn’t stop the tap with his foot,” she said.

It is reported today that Putin’s hand was on the edge of the table throughout his meeting with the defense minister.

Swedish economist Anders Aslund estimated that “the Russian defense minister also does not look very good.” He noted that Shoigu “was reading from a piece of paper, mumbling something.” Aslund expressed his conviction that “the rumors of a heart attack by the head of the Russian Defense Ministry may be true.”

During Thursday’s meeting with Shoigu Putin He gave the order to withdraw from the attack on the steel mills at AzovstalIt is the last important area of ​​Ukrainian resistance in the besieged Mariupol. Instead, Reuters reported, he ordered the encirclement of Ukrainian forces defending there so that no one could get out.

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