Russia.  Changing the guard in the Kremlin?  They intend to declare Putin's alleged illness.”  There are the names of potential successors |  world News

According to Russian lawyer and opposition activist Marek Feigen, the Kremlin is in disarray, he said in an interview with Ukrainian TV TSN. Vladimir’s army failed put it in The deteriorating economic situation in Russia raises questions about the possibility of a major coup in the Kremlin.

Furthermore it White House It is not excluded that the Russian president will mobilize soon. – I just need more people in view of Ukraine’s successes, especially in the Northeast – US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Tuesday (September 20).

The general mobilization will end in Russia protestsBecause no one wants to fight for the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, on the same day he commented on the reports of the Russian dissident Dmitry Gudkov on the air. TSN.

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Colonel Dr. Kukayevich: It is not the economy, but what happens on the battlefield that will influence Putin’s decisions

Russia. “The elite will take power from Putin.” Who can replace him? There are two types of names

According to Marek Fajgen, on Kremlin Changes are coming. And he did not rule out that Vladimir Putin would be replaced as president by Mikhail Mishustin, the current Prime Minister of Russia, or Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

André, journalist and political scientist Piontkovsky In turn, it is believed that the powers of the President of the Russian Federation will be transferred to a collegial body – the Security Council. The initiator of such a scenario is Yuri Walintovich Kovalchuk, “one of the closest people to Putin.”

– He is the manager of a great financial empire and also an expert in foreign policy. Kovalchuk is a very fine classical master with very imperial views. It is the ideologist of the war with Ukraine and the West that has pushed Putin into a “special operation” – he concluded.

After ending the occupation of Kherson, the Russian “elite” will realize that the only option is to get rid of Putin, and the authorities will take him away. He said they could retire the dictator or declare his alleged illness Ukrainian TV.

Belarus. Lukashenka prepares the country for martial law. We are with Russia

Dmitry Medvedev completely deleted

As we wrote in, at the beginning of March, among the candidates for the post of the new president, among others, the current mayor of Moscow and the former deputy prime minister – Sergei Sobyanin. Dmitry Medvedev (the former Russian leader who recently attracted the attention of foreign media with his ridiculous statements) is completely bypassed.

“The former prime minister is not highly respected either in society or in Kremlin circles. Even for Putin, Medvedev has always been more than a servant, also at a time when both gentlemen had to switch positions for four years, because Putin after three terms in 2008 did not He manages to run for president again,” Bild recalled at the time.

Medvedev’s presidency was also mentioned by Donald Tusk in his book The Choice, which he wrote with Anne Applebaum. We read in the post: “When I tried to talk to him on more serious topics, he said:” I’m sorry, but that’s what I ask of my boss. “And he left no doubts about the hierarchy in the Kremlin.”

Sergey Lavrov (Illustrative image)Lavrov secret meeting. Talk about “the crisis the world is facing.”

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