Russia - Ukraine.  Russian forces in Belarus, Ukrainian intelligence about diseases among Russians

Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR) claims that diseases are spreading among Russian troops in Belarus, due to poor living and sanitary conditions. It is also assumed that there will be conflicts between the Russians and the Belarusian army.

According to Ukrainian Military Intelligence, na Belarus Troops from the Russian Federation are still arriving, mostly made up of people subject to “partial mobilization”. “Their main task is to prepare the physical base and the places where the occupation forces are stationed” – stated in the interview in a press release on the website.

Disease spreads among soldiers

Slaves live in poor conditions. The human rights organization noted that “most of them are in field tents, without proper sanitary facilities.”

According to Ukrainian intelligence estimates, these cases cause the spread of various diseases, including tonsillitis and pneumonia, as well as infections of the gastrointestinal tract. “The scale of the disease is so great that Belarusian doctors cannot deal with it. The occupiers urgently need to send military doctors and paramedics from the Russian Federation to Belarus” – HUR reported.

Russian and Belarusian soldiersPhoto by AFP/Russian Defense Ministry/Sharq News

Report conflicts between the army

Ukrainian intelligence also believes that among the military Russia And Belarus, tensions escalate. “Many conflict situations relate to cases of the Russian army’s contempt for Belarusians. The Belarusian military police are not able to stop the illegal behavior of Russians,” the press release said.

HUR refers to reports prepared by Belarusian officers on the basis of complaints from lower-ranking soldiers. They complain about the actions of the Russians and their aggressive statements. “The number of cases is growing rapidly, which leads to an uncontrolled increase in tension in Belarus,” the assessment of Ukrainian services. The head of HUR, Kerio Budanov, said a week ago that there are about 4.3 thousand Russian soldiers in Belarus, about 80 percent. Among them are people who were drafted into the Russian army as part of the recent mobilization for the war with Ukraine.

Main image source: Photo by AFP/Russian Defense Ministry/Sharq News

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