Polish-American Relations.  Andrei Duda comments on the situation

When asked about cooperation with President Joe Biden, the president exchanged mutual invitations to international summits, including the Climate Summit and the Three Seas Summit, in which both have participated.

He stressed that this is not close cooperation as with the administration of former President Donald Trump.

– At the moment, the administration of President Joe Biden faces many problems, such as the problem of Afghanistan, which it has to deal with, and perhaps these are more urgent needs than cooperation in relations with Poland, where nothing bad is happening – Duda said.

The President emphasized that the permanent elements of Polish-American cooperation that developed during the presidency of Donald Trump are also in operation today.

The rest of the article is below the video:

President Andrés Duda announced during the briefing that he had met the President of Brazil, Jairy Bolsonaro. – We talked about the upcoming visit of the President to Poland. We hope that the President will come to us in March or early April – he said.

– He emphasized that Brazil is Poland’s economic partner, but most of all it is the largest country in South America with great potential. He stressed that “it would be good” to develop our relations with Brazil, especially economic ones. – The president added – it will certainly be good for our economy and for our business. – It was announced in advance that the President’s visit was likely – he added.

Duda also reported on Tuesday’s meeting with Mongolian President Ochnagen Chorlsoch. – I received invitations from the President to Mongolia – he said, emphasizing that last year we had 80 years of diplomatic relations between Poland and Mongolia. As Duda noted, he hopes to increase youth exchange with Mongolia. That more Mongolian students will be in Poland. – We hope to develop economic relations, because Mongolia is also a country with great potential and I hope it will be more open to our entrepreneurs – he added.

Other talks the President had on Tuesday were: Meeting with UN Deputy Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix. – We talked about our mission in Lebanon. The agent praised the way our soldiers carry out this mission. We talked about the possibilities of support for various UN missions, peacekeeping missions – said Duda.

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