Russia.  Karim cancels Putin's main annual press conference.  "The president will have an opportunity to speak." |  world News

Russian President Vladimir Putin He has been organizing large press conferences since 2001 (except for the years when he was Prime Minister of Russia). During the event, questions previously approved by the press service can be asked by journalists and “ordinary Russians”. The last major conference was held in December 2021.

The Kremlin cancels Putin’s big press conference this year

On Monday, Dmitry Peskov announced that this year’s big press conference will not take place.

“As for the annual press conference, yes, it won’t be before the New Year, but we expect that president A Kremlin spokesman, citing the agency, said he would still find an opportunity to speak to reporters, as he does regularly, also during foreign trips. TASS.

At the same time, the politician did not say the exact date of the conference. – We will inform you in time time is without. Peskov announced this later this year put it in To address the Federal Assembly.

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In November, Russian media, citing Kremlin sources, reported that Vladimir Putin would not hold a major press conference this year due to the situation at the front in Ukraine. Let us recall that, contrary to initial assessments, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation did not succeed in quickly suppressing the resistance of the Ukrainians – as a result, the war in Ukraine, which Moscow had planned as a special multi-day operation, turned into a protracted armed conflict. Recently, thanks to the counterattack, the defenders pushed back the invaders from many regions, including Kherson, which was occupied shortly after the Russian attack on Ukraine.

ISW: Putin loses support over failures in Donbass

The leaders of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics have begun to criticize Vladimir Putin for his inability to maintain control over the lands of the pseudo-republicas, according to ISW analysts. Former DRC Defense Minister Igor Girkin directly criticized Putin for failing to remove Ukrainian forces near Donetsk from the artillery zone, despite the fact that Russian forces managed to do so.

Girkin also gave a negative assessment of Putin’s December 9 statement, which described the course of the special operation – as Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is called in the Kremlin – as “stable”. He stated that only Putin and the Russian Defense Ministry considered the war a success.

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Szrout: Russia’s membership in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is ridiculous in and of itself

Putin was also criticized by the former Minister of Security of the DPR, Oleksandr Khodakovsky. He said it was long governments Putin “wasn’t entirely successful.”

In higher education institutions, they asserted that criticism of Girkin and Khodakovsky is unprecedentedly direct compared to their previous attacks on the Kremlin. These open attacks on Putin may reflect differences between the so-called pro-war Donetsk People’s Republic, veterans’ circles, and Putin. Russian veterans have long warned the Kremlin about the shortcomings of the military campaign, but they support the president, believing the war will at least lead to Moscow taking control. On the Donbass River.

The institute reports that after the capture of Lysychansk, video materials appeared on the network, in which fighters of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic refused to fight for the territory of the DPR. Analysts assume that Putin’s ideologues treated the Donetsk region as a priority during the occupation of Donbass. However, Putin’s plans fail miserably, and criticism of his war intensifies with each passing day.

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