Russia.  Boris Nadezhdin talks about Putin's future.  He will not rule for another six years

Russian opposition member Boris Nadezhdin said in an interview with the BBC that Vladimir Putin will not survive another six years as president of the country. The politician hopes to challenge the current leader in next March's elections, although he admits that his chances of winning are slim. He has so far collected the required number of 100,000 signatures for his candidacy and is awaiting approval by the Electoral Commission.

In an interview with the BBC Boris Nadezhdin He announced that as president he would end the war with Ukraine. It is estimated that, although initially many Russians supported the so-called “special military operation”, then over the past almost two years, the situation has reversed and Today the majority of society wants peace.

But he stressed that Putin's mistakes are not limited to the war in Ukraine only. – It is practically The main institutions of the modern Russian state were destroyed – He evaluated.

A firm statement from Putin's opponent. “He will not rule for another six years.”

In an interview with the BBC, Nadezhdin also decided to make firm statements regarding the future of power in the country. – I'm absolutely sure of that Putin will not rule Russia for another six yearsHe said that more and more people understand that he is dragging Russia down the path of militarism, authoritarianism and isolation.

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Nadezhdin sees himself as a potential successor to the long-ruling leader, and is already making his first plans. – My first mission will be Stop the conflict with Ukraineand then Restoring normal relations between Russia and Western society – He revealed in an interview with the BBC.

Presidential elections in Russia. Nadezhdin wants to challenge Putin

However, to get into the Kremlin, he must first win the elections. For this purpose, Nadezhdin and his colleagues collected signatures last week. They claim to have collected it 100 thousandThat is, to the extent required by law. Now the decision on whether his name will appear on the ballots on March 17 will be made by the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation.

Until now Nominations of persons criticizing aggression against Ukraine were rejected. This was the case with a former television journalist Ekaterina Dontsova. Nadezhdin hopes he succeeds. There are several indicators that this may already be happening. Kremlin spokesman, Wednesday Dimitri Besko He declared that he was a politician He will be allowed to run if he meets the necessary conditions.

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Despite the general optimism, Nadezhdin admitted that even if he quarreled with Putin at the ballot box, he would do so. His chances of winning are slim. But at the same time he stated that He has the support of millions of people And a clear goal: to change Russia. – I may not become president on March 17, but I must get the best possible result, he declared in an interview with the BBC.

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