Variant of Omikron.  Germany imposes restrictions on arrivals from Great Britain

Germany recognized Great Britain, where Omikron caused a rise in the number of infections, as the country is considered the most dangerous and threatening to the Corona virus epidemic, including the new alternative. The new regulations will take effect from Monday.

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Earlier on Saturday, health ministers in Germany’s federal states called on the federal government to introduce stricter rules for people coming from countries where a new type of coronavirus is spreading rapidly, including from the United Kingdom.

According to the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, new regulations for travelers from Great Britain will come into effect at midnight from Sunday to Monday, and will likely apply until January 3, 2022. However, their extension is possible – confirmed RKI. He added that restrictions will be applied to travelers using all modes of transportation, and a negative PCR test result will not affect the length of the quarantine period.

In an interview with the weekly Spiegel, RKI President Lothar Wheeler emphasized on Friday that “we cannot lose sight of what threatens us from Omikron. This alternative will spread very quickly, the fifth wave will come. If we can significantly reduce the current level of infection, we have a chance to maintain on a stationary Omicron wave.”

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