Ruch Chorzw fans took to the streets.  may to.  Black protest from the coffins of Becca Blah

Ruch Chorzów, who has played in Poland’s third team since 2019 leagueTwo years ago he was promoted to League Two and only one year later was able to play well enough again in the season to move to the back room. Premier League. Inconclusive match lublin 4 motor movement crashed0 At home, fans run language They had reason to celebrate.

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After the match against Belgium. Another goal against Poland after losing Robert Lewandowski?

Ruch Chorzów fans demand a new stadium

The celebration itself was short-lived and turned into a so-called black protest. And all because of the stadium. in and the league Ruch is playing in the facility at ul. Shisha 6, fans are not satisfied and want the city to build a new stadium that the city authorities promised a few years ago.

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On a clear Sunday, several hundred people gathered and walked to City Hall. They shouted while holding banners bearing sharp slogans: “The Stadium Robber” or “Three Lie Campaigns”. The latter refers to Chorzów’s president, Andrzej Kotala, who actually promised to build a new stadium during the 2010 election campaign. For now, however, he has only set a model for the stadium of the future.

During the protest, the masses of the movement also carried a casket with “Marzenie Chorzowianian 2010-2022” written on it. This time the president did not decide to go out to the demonstrators. It was very different in 2019, when the residents of Chorzov also lamented.

The fourth demonstration of the masses traffic movement In the stadium is over. About 1000 people participated in it. Unfortunately Andrzej Kotala has supporters and has not come to speak to us. How are your impressions? – Asked on Twitter Szymon Michałek, social activist, fan of Ruch Chorzów and entrepreneur of the family sector.

Kotala referred to the stadium more than a year ago in an interview with – stadium It still has a chance to be created for the movement. This is one of my many dreams. The construction was postponed due to the situation in which the city is located – said the mayor of Chorzov. As you can see from the crowd’s reaction, there are no real steps in sight yet.

The current Ruch Stadium was built in 1935. It has undergone some minor renovations since then. Its current capacity is 9300.

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