Robert Lewandowski met Cuba.  The boy wrote him a letter for Euro

  • Cuba, who wrote a letter to Robert Lewandowski after the Polish national team withdrew from Euro 2020, met his idol.
  • The nine-year-old expressed his support for Yui and the entire team in a message. People’s reaction made the content up to Lewandowski
  • The boy and his parents were invited to the Poland-Albania match, and one day later, Cuba was able to realize his dream
  • “Kubuś and his brother have neurofibromatosis type 1” – said the boy’s mother
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

The content of the message spread in the blink of an eye on social media, and finally reached Liwei himself. Cuba wrote the letter himself, and the boy’s mother posted it on Facebook. The family did not expect things to come to this point.

We did not expect the response to be this large. Kubuś has been fighting for contact for four years and has only done so now, when he learned to write well and took matters into his own hands – said Martyna Żebrowska-Ungier in an interview with Onet Sport.

In a letter to Lewandowski, Cuba stated that he “cannot play football in the team because the doctor forbade him because of his sick heart” and that he sometimes gets tired. He also mentioned that he is a huge fan of our best player. He also conveyed words of support to Lewy after Poland lost 2:3 to Sweden and withdrew from it Euro 2020.

– Kubuś and his brother suffer from neurofibromatosis type 1. The heart defect is a comorbid disease, exactly mitral valve prolapse. Kubuś is premature, born with a second-degree intraventricular hemorrhage. He’s certified for disability, motor aphasia and several other developmental disorders, Żebrowska-Ungier said.

The content of the letter also reached the addressee himself, who decided to respond to Cuba, calling him “the best supporter he could imagine.” Lewandowski also noted that the 9-year-old should never give up and fight for his dreams.

However, the pleasant moments for Cuba and his family did not end there. With his mother and father, he received an invitation to attend the Poland-Albania match, which was held in National PGE. The boy can watch and support his idol up close. Cuba supported Lloyd throughout the match, reacting vitally to the events on the pitch.

But the real surprise was waiting for Cuba the next day when he met her Robert Lewandowski. The boy met his idol, who fell on his shirt, then Lewandowski and Cuba fell into each other’s arms. – What happened to Cuba is a miracle, for us a great joy and an unattainable thing – the boy’s mother wrote on Facebook.

The family emphasizes at every step that Cuba’s dreams could not have been fulfilled without the help of the people who decided to share the message. – A young fan fulfilled the dream after almost 5 years! Did not give up. Thank you for everything! to remember! You’re a fan for better or worse – Cuba just taught us that! – Cuba’s mother added.

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