Belfast: Who is Caitríona Balfe?

black and white “Belfast” It tells the story of the Prana family who, during the riots of 1969, made the difficult decision to move to England. Good Hill starred as 9-year-old Kenneth Branagh. Jamie Dornan, Judi Dench, Ciaran Hinds and Caitriona Balvey are the other roles in “Belfast”.

“Caitríona Balfe, who plays Ma, is originally from Ireland but grew up near the border and understands the mother tongue and Irish family life,” says director Kenneth Branagh.

Ma (Caitríona Balfe) is the mother of Judd and older brother Will. She’s a working-class mother from Belfast who laughs and gets angry quickly, and is a devoted loving wife who doesn’t hesitate to throw a plate or two when she gets angry at her husband for her children. She loves the streets of Belfast where she grew up and has family and friends. She has a subtle charm that separates her very little from the crowd. Despite budget constraints and the availability of fashion, she manages to wear simple and casual, yet elegant outfits.

“He’s a pretty cool and complex character,” Catriona Balfe says. “She is adept at her own kingdom and a force to be reckoned with in her close community. She can handle most things, but she also has limitations because she tries to see beyond the little scrap she knows so well, and the fact that the world in her is changing so dramatically, and that scares her so much.”

Ma is important to Catriona because of a similar situation in her mother’s life. “We used to live close to her family, but then my father was moved to somewhere near the border with Northern Ireland and my mother had to move. So the script made me think a lot about what I felt then,” the actress explains.

“I left Ireland when I was 18 and never lived there again, so the script spoke very deeply – the whole idea of ​​getting to a point in your life when you stop and look at your childhood and the people and places that made you.” The way you are now. I thought it was a beautiful script and it had a very strong impact on my memories, so I can only imagine how exciting Kenneth Branna was in making this movie. Joy, laughter and love without missing out on any of the drama of the moment,” explains Balf.

The popularity of Caitríon Balfe brought her role in the series “Outlander”. We can also see the actress in movies “Wall Street Hostage” And the “Le Mans ’66”.

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