The unknown face of Novak Djokovic.  "Sorry, this costs too much" tennis

Can you believe who congratulated me on my title first? Novak Djokovy Hamad Majidovic told the Serbian Sportal service. The 19-year-old recently won the first championship of his life in the ATP Challenger competition. It was the best in German Luedenscheid.

– When I picked up the phone, I saw his voicemail message lasting more than a minute. He is a legend and always gives advice. He really wants to help and knows how to listen – added Medjedovi about Djokovi.

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Even at Wimbledon, he was remembered

On the same day, Serbian star Tennis He faced Dutchman Tim van Reethoven in the fourth round of Wimbledon, revealing the past weeks on the grass. he was tired GameDjokovic won four sets.

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Novak Djokovic is committed to the development of Serbian tennis. To this end, it hosts many visitors at the Novak Tennis Center in Belgrade and also helps individual tennis players advance in their careers, as was the case with Hamad Medjovic. The 19-year-old is today 261 in the ATP rating. The former leader of men’s tennis sees great talent in him. The teenager’s father talks openly about how Djokovic helped his son.

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– It was phenomenal! Winning his first rival title after qualifying was a huge success, I congratulated him – Djokovic said in London when asked about Medjovic. Obviously, the legendary tennis player was delighted to talk about his younger teammate.

– His jump in the rankings will be of great significance. I have a lot of friends stuck in the second tennis league. between futures contracts ( . series ITF The round – men’s matches below the ATP tournaments) and the ATP 250 (lowest rank in the ATP tournaments) are hard to beat, but Hamad is now close to qualifying for the Grand Slam tournaments,” Djokovic explained.

“It costs a lot of money”

Medjedovi has been seen as a great talent in Serbia for many years. When he was young he was the ninth in the world. Two years ago in the junior race, Roland Garros defeated top seed Harold Mayot of France. However, the transition from the junior level to the higher level can be difficult, as the teen quickly discovered.

The tennis player from Novi Pazar had various problems last season, among them COVID, which prevented him from playing sports for three months because he lost 10 kilos.

Despite this, Djokovic and Novak Tennis Center took him under their wing. The father of the young tennis player Aldin Medjedovic admits that Djokovic helps his son in every way – “financially, mentally and socially”.

– I remember the second conversation I had with Novak, where we talked about concrete steps in Hamad’s career. Novak was giving me ideas about what I should do in the Hamad match and I remember saying to him, “Nole, sorry but what you’re talking about costs a lot of money!” But he continued talking about the coaches, the ideas, and finally added: “All Hamad has to do is work hard, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Djokovic supports teenage talents

Al-Din Medjedovic remembers pinching himself during the conversation to make sure it was actually happening. – At this point, Novak told me: “Edo, I don’t do it for money! I make money elsewhere, my role here is to help. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t help worthy people? He loves tennis – and above all – achieves The good consequences? When Hamad succeeds, you will take someone under your wing and help in the same way,” Djokovic’s 19-year-old father recalls.

For a year and a half, Medjedovi has been working with Ilija Bozoljac. The 37-year-old coach was an ATP 101st in his career as a tennis player. It was famous for its powerful service, up to 245 km / h. If he had had better support, he could have probably done more than scare Roger Federer at Wimbledon 2010, when he lost to the Swiss only after four sets.

Medjedovi has this support and is progressing slowly. In Luedenscheid defeated incl. The Roland Garros 2018 semi-finalist arrived from Italian Marco Cecchinato and Nicolas Garry from Chile, the former 38th player in the world. “He has earned this success thanks to the work he has done over the past year and a half,” Djokovic admitted to Serbian reporters at Wimbledon.

They didn’t pay a penny

Hamada’s work ethic has improved significantly – he has changed his diet, his way of exercising, his rejuvenation, his approach to exercise and the game itself. And as we told him – results will come if he’s patient, loyal, and really wants to. He has changed recently and I really feel that both physically and in terms of the game, he should be able to enter the top 100 soon, as the Serbian tennis star expects.

Hamad’s father said that last season Djokovic paid for Medjovic’s coaches, hotels, airline tickets, physiotherapists and all the preparations.

We didn’t spend a penny, and believe me, that’s not a small amount in the world of tennis. Imagine the best soccer player in the world inviting your child to work with him in pre-season. As if Ronaldo or Messi came up with an offer: “Let’s play football together, tell me when you need something.” In today’s world, such situations are rare, but thank God there are still people who care not only about money, but also the human side of the world – the greater Medjedović is moved.

At the 2021 Australian Open, Novak Djokovic was seen boxing Olga Danilovic, another young Serbian athlete. His coach Goran Ivanisevic watched Danilovic’s matches at Roland Garros this year. When Djokovic spends his time in Belgrade, he trains at the Novak Tennis Center, but he is also a mentor and talks to many of the players there.

This is a different face to Novak Djokovic, who has recently been linked with success, but also controversy. The Serbian is one of the best tennis players in history. When he won Wimbledon in July, he won the 21st Grand Slam title of his career. At the same time, his statements about COVID vaccination, quasi-scientific theories or behavior in court are causing a lot of emotion and distracting fans. He is the only tennis player among the top 100 who has not been vaccinated.

The Serbs say that since Medjedovic received support from Djokovic, he has improved his serve and backhand dramatically. The style of the game is a reminder of the Austrian Dominic Thiem of the best times. With a mentor like Novak, the chances of a great career increase.

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