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Adam Nawaka introduced Poland to the World Cup in Russia just over four years ago. And now, Czeslav Mitchnowitz followed in his footsteps. The former mukhtar did not spare compliments to his colleague. Talk about it with “WP Sportowe Fakty”.

Adam Nawałka watched Tuesday’s match on TV only. Due to illness, he could not come to the Silesian Stadium. However, he is proud of the previous charges, although he also criticized one of them.

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The key was to hit the players with the right act and tactics. Everything was perfect. We scored a decisive victory. There were hard times in the first half, but luck must help Nawałka said.

Vojtek Szczecinny defended superbly, noting the match against Germany in 2014. The entry of Grzesiek Krychowiak gave the team extra strength. Commanders rose to the occasion, led by Robert Lewandowski. Piotrek Zieliński also had very good moments, working hard defensively. It has been emphasized that when we show great resolve, we are extremely dangerous. After the 1-0 goal, we dominated. The whole team deserves to be commended – added.

Jacek Góralski’s play was fraught with danger. Understanding football aggressiveness in a positive sense is his strength, but at this level you need to control your emotions. It cannot be weakened. Well, even in a situation where the judge even thinks for a moment to show the red card. Jacek needs to think about it – confirmed.

In an interview with “WP Sportowe Fakty” Nawałka evaluated Czesław Michniewicz. Earlier, he had the opportunity to speak to the current coach. Now he did not spare his compliments.

It was clear that he knew the players well and that he had chosen a strategy for them. As Polish coaches, we know almost everything about these players: what is the history of their club, how they do in the youth teams, etc. Michniewicz’s training years are here. The selector showed incredible intuition and passed the maturity test to excellent – Valuable.

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