Raków’s coach delivered disastrous news.  “We expect the worst. Breaking.”

For Zoran Arsenic, the match between Rakov Czestochova and Sporting ended in the sixth minute when Viktor Djeukeris brutally attacked him. Tomorrow’s tests will confirm this, but we expect the worst. Fractions – says coach Dawood Swarja.

Thomas Galinsky

Coach Dawood Seshwarja

PAP / Zbigniew Meisner / In the photo: coach Daoud Szczwarga

The foul by Victor Gjukeres on Zoran Arsenic was brutal and the referee was right to send off the Sporting player after watching the replay, though. Visiting coach Ruben Amorim did not agree with this decision.

Sporting Gjukeres lost and had to play with ten men, but Rakov Czestochova lost its captain Zoran Arsenic. The injury turned out to be so serious that there was no way to continue playing.

Tomorrow’s tests will confirm this, but we expect the worst. Fractions – said coach Dawood Seshwarja in a press conference.

– He is a very important player in this team. Team captain. I honestly feel sorry for him and I hope his injury is not serious, because I know how important football is to him and how much he lives for it. This is his third injury in a short period. He added that he just came back from breaking his finger, which is frustrating.

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The method of implementing this change itself has generated much controversy. Eight minutes passed from the moment Gyokeris was fouled until Jean Carlos Silva came on to replace Arsenic.

– We are in a stage where many players are playing due to injuries. We had to make two decisions: allow an unwarmed player to return after a two-month break following a torn adductor muscle, or warm him up properly and increase his chances of playing the match to the end. We wanted him to enter the field with a clear mind, knowing that he is ready for it – explained coach Schwarja.

Finally, Jean Carlos reported on the pitch and… Rakoff conceded a goal after a corner kick. Later, the Czestochowa team took a long time to recover, but in the second half they gained momentum and eventually equalized the score.

– The red card affected the match. Especially in the second half, we were able to push the opponent into low defense and create chances. We have run out of patience. The team deserves praise for its approach to the match, its behavior and the implementation of the tactical plan. “I saw in every player a great desire to prove to everyone and to myself that the Europa League is a place where we can compete – commented Suswarja.

– There is satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The key target was at 0:1. If we had kept the goalless draw longer, we would have been able to control the opponent faster, as we did in the second half – concluded coach Rakov.

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