PZPN has made a decision on "Grucha", the Polish national team bodyguard of the Polish national team

Dominic Ge, pseudonym “Grusha”, the bodyguard of the Polish national team, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, belongs to the Białystok terror gang – Wirtwalna Polska said a few days ago. The Bodyguard was leading a faction of the gang that was notorious for promoting neo-fascist ideology. In support of his hypothesis, Simon Gadjak, among other things, published photos years ago, in which a “groscha” stands among the men, some holding hands in Hitler’s salute.

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Dominik G has been suspended. He will not go to Qatar

Dominik G. has now been suspended – in Saturday We received an announcement from the Guild that “Grucha” had been suspended by Cezary Kulesza. Therefore, he will not travel with the team to the World Cup in Qatar – we read on the WP Sportowe Fakty portal.

Dominic J does not plead guilty to the charges, while Colisa added a few days ago that he was unaware of Grosha’s controversial biography before. While presenting the national team to the World Cup in Qatar, Jakub Kwiatkowski, a spokesman for the Polish Football Association, made it impossible for a sports faction journalist to ask about “Grusha”. Lewandowski’s environment also declined to provide an in-depth comment. However, Jadczak’s script showed that “Grucha” has a good reputation on the team – among the players and staff. Even the foreign media started writing about the case.

The situation changed a little on Friday. President Cesare Colisa, who is responsible for the recruitment of “Grusha”, contacted journalist Wirtualna Polska. When asked about Dominik G.’s powers to deal with employee protection, he replied that “Grucha” does not deal with protection. President of the Polish Association football He added that “Grusha” helps carry the equipment and is a midfielder in the team, and is very much liked before. football players and coach Michniewicz. Both the players and Mishnewitz had to insist that Dominic J fly to the World Cup.

“Robert Lewandowski is not involved in any conversations about the people employed by the Polish Football Association and the roles they should play.”

The case was also commented on by Robert Lewandowski’s environment, namely Thomas Zawilaq, the attacker’s closest friend and partner. F.C.B.

Robert Lewandowski is not involved in any discussion of the people working for the Polish Football Association and the roles they will play. There is no doubt that this kind of controversy on the eve of the World Cup is fundamentally damaging to the team and its players. Therefore, the matter should be clarified as soon as possible and the correct decisions taken, which, however, are the responsibility of the Polish Football Association alone, to which all questions should be directed – we read in the WP Sportowe Fakty.

“Grucha” has long been known to law enforcement agencies. And certainly since 2014, when he heard of the charges for which he was arrested for several months (his case is still pending). Jagiellonian football fans (including Grucha) have done many illegal acts.

“The group mastered security in clubs and discos, and also profited from prostitution – it was associated with two brothels in Białystok. Moreover, it spread fear and terror throughout Podlasie” – you can read the indictment sent to court in November 2020 and stop “Grucha” on The goalie in the club “Prognosis” which was located in the apartment house of … Kulesza. And here it is worth opening the arcs, because Kulesza is a legendary character in Biaystok.

“In Bialystok they say he would be able to sell even sand in the desert. He wanted to be like Gary Lineker, but his football career was slowed down by a broken tibia. Then there was disco polo, real estate investments, and a boy from the country. Wnory-Wiechy became the Midas of Podlasie ”- Bartłomiej Kubiak from Sport.pl wrote about the president of the Polish Football Association.

Before the World Cup, the Polish national team will face Chile on November 16 in a friendly match. A day later, Michniewicz’s team will head to Qatar. The White-Reds will start the World Cup on November 22 with a match against Mexico, on November 26 they will play against Saudi Arabia, and on November 30 with a match against Mexico. Argentina.

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The opening match of the World Cup will be between Qatar and Ecuador on November 20, and the grand final on Sunday, December 18.

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