I didn't think Stoch i Żyla could act like this

last Tuesday Polish Ski Association Announcing a new coach Polish staff Ski jumpers. place Michel Dolyal It was taken by 32-year-old Austrian Thomas Thornbichler. A change of coach has been waiting for weeks. Biao-Czerwoni underperformed in the following competitions, which only led to rumors that Doyallal would lose his job.

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A keynote conversation for the future of snowboarding in Poland. confirm PZN

The Czech coach’s farewell came in turbulent circumstances. Bad feelings escalated over the last weekend of the season in Blanesy. Doleżal announced that his contract with PZN It will not be extended, and will be defended by more experienced players. stoch, kobaki And She was alive They stood behind the coach and accused union activists of incompetent actions.

Apoloniusz Tajner has set a goal for the new jump coach

The jumpers revolution in Planica. Malesze Comments

The mission of Adam Mace, who tried to calm the situation in Planica, ended in fiasco. Soon the HR manager left Slovenia. Now he returned to those events in conversation with Entry He was asked about the lyrics of Stoch and Żyła who hit PZN and Małysz personally. – I was a little angry about it. I never thought men could act this way. – He said especially with regard to me. He added: – It is the federation that chooses the coach, not the players themselves. If the players themselves happen to decide who they should coach, what is the use of this relationship at all? – confirmed.

There were suggestions in the media that Stoch, being dissatisfied with the activities of PZN, could train individually under the supervision of another coach. What does Małysz say? As he argues, he does not mind such a solution. The problem is that Stoch himself did not come up with such an idea.

– Please! Why doesn’t Camille come over and talk to us about the fact that he grew up wanting an individual coach? I remember behind the scenes in my decision to bring Hanu. Someone missed me with a punch. But I did not immediately go to the media and did not cause a storm – he added.

jump coachesThe waiter may have exposed PZN’s negotiations. A quirky choice for a new skirmish trainer

Polish jumpers haven’t performed too badly for years

Last season was very poor in the performance of the Polish jumpers. They haven’t looked this bad in years. The highlight of the past few months was David Kobaki’s bronze medal during Beijing Olympics. Małysz noted that the failure of the Poles was for several reasons. He blamed the hardware controller with some of the blame FIS.

The coaches say above all that the equipment was faulty. FIS Equipment Inspector Mika Jokar started chasing after us, ordering some cut suits to be changed, although others had the same and no one bothered us. In fact, I, and not only me, say that there was an error in the preparation system. So we wanted an explanation from the coaches for what this error was. Until today we have not received this explanation, so what are we talking about? – Been completed.

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