May 28, 2023


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A dream-like image of Mars and its moon from the Arab rover

No, it’s not computer graphics, although it looks like it is. This is a real picture of Mars and Deimos Made by Hope Probe from the United Arab Emirates. The device immortalized these things with amazing quality and detail, which we have not yet had the chance to see online.

The probe made several flybys of the surface of Deimos at a distance of only 100 km. Scientists explain that it is the smallest moon of the Red Planet with its geological structure It looks like the mother planet itselfNo asteroids. This means that it has a planetary origin.

Studies show that the body is mostly composed of porous rocks and ice. Meanwhile, the surface is covered with craters and regolith. Interestingly, the mission of the probe Hope is the first space mission of the United Arab Emirates. The project was held on the occasion of the country’s fiftieth anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2021.

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