Please cancel the cleaning crew, the Webb telescope has already overrun it.  This is what a buyer in NIRCam looks like...

This is not the picture of the buyer we are used to Ordinary pictures of the universe. This is a picture full of scientific data collected by James Webb Space Telescope. Scientists have benefited from NIRCam near infrared cameraTo take a closer look at the details of his armor.

The final effect, published on the NASA blog, is a kind of conversion of infrared data collected into identical colors in the visible light range. Longer electromagnetic waves have red colors while shorter ones are blue. We owe this treatment Judy SchmidtSelf-proclaimed to mark the image of Messier 74 Webb data translator into a more human picture.

Jupiter is far from a peaceful planet. It is a brutal giant full of different activities. In the image from the James Webb Space Telescope you can see, among other things The aurora borealis covering the north and south poles. It also emerges from parallel lines big red spotWhich, as interpreted by Webb’s data, appears to be shining white. This is because the clouds are very stacked Reflects a lot of sunlight.

The many bright white patches and streaks are likely the very high peaks of the convective storms’ intense clouds. – explain Heidi Hummel participates in observing the solar system through the Webb Telescope. Therefore the dark bands north of the equatorial region are small.

Webb’s wide field of view shows completely different nuances related to the proximity of the largest planet in the solar system. A careful analysis of photography reveals Hidden rings and two small moons called Amalthea and Adrastea. On the other hand, the blurry spots in the background of the pictures are distant galaxies which add to the charm of the whole.

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