pit.  The tax office confirms - the tax exemption "for housing purposes" covers household appliances and furniture.  How will he get it?

For a set of discounts that can significantly reduce the discounts to tax officeHousing allowance added. As it turned out, this concept also covers the expenses of household appliances and furniture. True, the scope of its application has increased significantly, but in fact it applies only to a very small group of taxpayers.

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“Investing in gas energy and committing to coal will prevent Poland from achieving the goals it has committed to.”

The Tax Office confirmed the granting of a housing allowance for household appliances and furniture

National tax information in the interpretation issued on October 13, 2021 confirmed that Housing expenses are also considered the costs of equipping the property. Journalists gained access to the document’s content.”Republic of Poland“.

this is You knowFrom tax For example, the purchase of kitchen or kitchen furniture can be discounted household applianceSuch as Oven, microwave, extractor, dishwasher or refrigerator and accessories in the form of lighting, including LED strips and halogen holes. Previously, this possibility only applied to embedded devices. Relief also applies Buy a stove or stove.

How is PIT settled online? When should this be done? [PORADNIK]

When is the discount available? Who has the right?

Housing relief grants are related to the settlement pit-at. The 2021 tax report can be settled from February 15 to May 2, 2022. Unfortunately, only a few will have a chance to get a discount.

all because of Only people who sold private property last year can benefit from the relief And they had property rights. pit39 must be completed by people who sold the property within 5 years of purchasing it.

46. ​​Parliament session of the ninth sessionMorawiecki on the consequences of the Polish regime. “If you have to”

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