PLN 240 will be transferred to the accounts of the Poles by April 15, 2023!  Whose state reward?

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Who can count on turning over 240 PLN every year by April 15th?

240 PLN will be transferred from the state to the accounts of almost 2 million Poles by April 15, 2023. It is about those who save all year. However, certain conditions must be met. To whom the state reward and why? Who can count on a transfer? We explain.


  1. For whom is 240 PLN per account?
  2. PPK – what is it?
  3. Conversion is not for all PPK savers!
  4. What benefits from the country can the Poles count on in 2023?

For whom is 240 PLN per account?

Since March 29, transfers have been sent in a total amount of more than PLN 410 million. For accounts one million and 710 thousand. People will get 240 PLN. This is the amount that the state has committed to paying each year to those who join the savings scheme under employee capital plans. We write more about this in the article – PPK or employee capital plans – what are they?

In accordance with the provisions of the PPK Law, the funds for annual payments must be transferred to the participants of the program By April 15th each year.

Let us remind you that in March 2023 an automatic subscription to PPK took place. This applies to all employees between the ages of 18 and 55 who quit participating in the program 4 years ago, including those who quit while saving.

In order to join the programme, employees over the age of 55 but under the age of 70 had to submit an application to their employer to conclude a PPK agreement on their behalf and for their benefit. People over the age of 70 cannot join the savings programme.

You can withdraw from the program at any time. More in the article: Resignation from PPK 2023 Where to submit the report? Until when is the resignation from the PKK?

PPK – what is it?

Let us remind you that PPK is a long-term voluntary pension savings program for employees.

However, it should be noted that saving in PPK means that our monthly salary will be slightly lower – the minimum 2% of the salary net and a maximum of 4%. This is what savings at PPK is all about.

The employer will add almost double the amount. will add to each employee 1.5% but not more than 4%. This means that the employee’s savings account will receive 3.5 to 8% of the salary.

The state also adds a bonus for saving each year – This is PLN 240 per year that will now be credited to the accounts.

Conversion is not for all PPK savers!

According to the latest data, about 2.6 million Poles joined the PKK. Meanwhile, PLN 240 per account will affect the accounts of about 1.7 million people. Why?

Employees who have taken extended maternity leave or extended sick leave will not receive a bonus from the state They fail to reach the minimum contributions to PPK. According to the regulations, each employee who has saved at PPK for at least several months a year can count on an annual bonus.

PLN 240 is payable to participants who have basic and additional payments on PPK accounts in an amount of at least 6 times the minimum wage. The moment of starting to save in PPK is not taken into account here.

Those who were registered in PPK only in March 2023, as part of the automatic enrollment, will also not receive the PLN 240 transfer. They will not receive a bonus until next year, but they have PLN 250 on their accounts for the welcome.

What benefits from the country can the Poles count on in 2023?

What’s new in benefits from the state:

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