February 4, 2023


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New speed limits for drivers.  Some people take their feet off gas

New speed limits for drivers. Some people take their feet off gas

For a long time, the speed limit on the highway is 140 km / h, on the highway from 100 to 120 km / h, on roads outside built-up areas from 90 to 100 km / h in built-up areas the limit is 50 km / h. However, it appears that the current limits for some drivers will be changed.

did A procedure that changes the speed limit to 100 km/h on motorways and highways and 80 km/h outside residential areas. The new limits will not apply to everyone, but only to drivers in the trial period.

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Trial period for new drivers

In the amended “Road Traffic Law” we can find in Chapter 14, Article. 91 Information on the “trial period” for a person who first obtained a Class B driver’s license. The ‘trial period’ will apply from the day the driver’s license is withdrawn. Young drivers will be included in a two-year trial period. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the problems for new drivers As shown in the data Passing the exam becomes more and more difficult.

New drivers between the fourth and eighth months from the day they receive their license will have to complete “Road Safety Training” and “Traffic Hazards Hands-On.” Besides, it will return the ‘Green Leaf’ i.e. the round white label with the green maple leaf symbol. Both the car sticker and the new limits will apply for the first eight months of receiving the document.

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